How to tell if Zendesk Support is sending email notifications to customers

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  • Terry Page

    I set up a new brand in zendesk and forgot to add the outbound trigger to it. Is there any way to automatically resend any emails sent in that brand before the trigger was applied to it?

  • Juraj Jarmek

    Hello @...,

    We would not be able to resend any updates in such cases, where we have updated a ticket but the outbound trigger did not exist to send those emails.

    However, you may use a notification advising any end-users that if they have an existing ticket updates were not sent in a certain timespan, and you may invite them to contact you, or ignore that email.

    You may use Automations for that.

    About automations and how they work

    Creating and managing automations for time based events

    You may create an automation that looks for a certain brand and email that have been created in a certain time span, for example:

    Hope that helps!


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