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    Garry Hart

    Is it possible to have Zendesk call out to a number if a ticket has not been updated in X hour(s) with Zendesk Voice?

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    Martin Bennett

    Is it possible to have an automation that looks for a specific field being updated? 

    For example, I have an RMA Status drop down that agent's can edit as the RMA goes through it's different stages. I want to create an automation that emails the team if a specific RMA Status value has been selected for more than say 24 business hours. 

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    Martin DeKorte

    I'm trying to set up an automation to affect a bunch of older tickets that aren't classified correctly but I'm receiving an error:I need to ensure that any ticket in those locations is updated to the appropriate district/region.


    What am I missing?

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    Colin Piper

    @Martin. Have the automation see a tag as part of the actions and test for that tag in the conditions. You need to have a method such aa this to prevent the automation looping 

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    Myroslav Burak (Edited )


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    Mike Domin

    Is there a method to preview an automation?

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    How can I create an automation that triggers within minutes (as opposed to hours)?

    For instance, if I wanted to sub the "Hours since Open" condition statement with a "Minutes since Open" one


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