Setting up the Time Tracking app

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  • Kristen

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    Hi Jessie and Dennis! I was under the impression that the time log would stamp regardless of if the agent has submitted the ticket (bottom right hand corner). From playing around with this, it seems like the time is only stamped when it is submitted. Is this correct and part of the intentional design?

    Is there anywhere we can see the raw tracking regardless of if an agent submits it? Is there anywhere we can see the date of when the agent was on the ticket?

    Thank you!

  • Keiko Ishida

    Hi Kristen,

    Yes, the time tracking app does work based off submission so if an agent does not update the ticket it does not track their time.


    Keiko Ishida | Technical Support Engineer - Tier 2

  • Florian Hendrickx


    Can someone clarify a few things for me.
    This has been running for some time and i'm trying to understand the data:

    1) Auto pause is enabled so does this mean that the time spent i'm seeing is only when the ticket was the active tab in a browser window? Imagine a user has two active windows on 2 screens and the windows have with multiple tab, but the active tab in one of the windows is the ticket. And the active tab in the other windows is a totally different domain/software. Is it counting?
    2) What happens if i turn off auto pause ? Will it be counting any open tab with a ticket?
    3) What is total time spent since last update? Does this mean that the agent has not submitted but is logging time? To monitor if they're updating? Or does this mean like client-facing updates?

  • Marco Malbas
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Florian,

    Thanks for reaching out to us regarding this.

    1. If the ticket is still the active tab in the window, the time would still continue running. Though I do understand what you're saying since you have another screen. When the article about the time tracking app mentioned that it pauses when switching to another tab, it meant the ticket tabs within Zendesk when you are working on multiple tickets at the same time, and not the browser tabs. Sorry for the confusion here.

    2. If auto-pause is turned off, then yes. As long as a ticket is opened by an agent, even if it is not the active tab it will continue running. So for example you opened ticket 1, then opened ticket 2 and worked on it for 15 minutes, then went back to ticket 1 to work on it for another 15 minutes, then ticket 1 would show 30 minutes since it was open though it was in an inactive tab.

    3. Total time since last update starts from when the last update was submitted, instead of when the ticket was opened by an agent.

    Hope this answered all your questions!


    Marco M. | Zendesk Support

  • Derek Rhodes

    I tried this app out in my organization. Had to uninstall as the requirement to have the two custom fields on each and every ticket form does not suit our environment.

    Use Case:

    We have 3 separate departments (or Groups) that utilize Zendesk as a ticketing system, each with their own ticket forms applicable to the type of requests they receive. We only want to use the time tracking app in one of those Groups and have it only be visible to agents in that Group.

    Setting up the app, we had added the two time tracking custom fields to each ticket form in our Zendesk environment and had configured the app to only be accessible to one Group. With that said, it works for the one Group that has access however the other Groups see the two custom fields on the agent view.

    Seems like an all-or-nothing type of solution.


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