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  • Dustin Suits

    If my organization has dozens of groups, how can I calculate the total number of tickets that were assigned to a specific group (and solved by any group)? I have tried the following formulas, filtering them to tickets created in 2021 for easier verification. 

    Formula 1 - Seems like the logical option for organizations with a large number of zendesk groups, but displayed a wildly inaccurate number in the single digits. 

    IF ([Changes - Field name] = "group_id" AND
    [Changes - Previous value] = ANY AND
    [Changes - New value] = "999xxx") THEN
    [Update ID]

    Attempt 2 - The outputted value was wildly inflated. I also would prefer not to use this method because it would require adding each group ID individually and it would remain a static list requiring manual updating if new groups are created. 

    IF ([Changes - Field name] = "group_id" AND 

    ([Changes - Previous value] = "1xxxxx" OR  
    [Changes - Previous value] = "12xxxx" OR
    [Changes - Previous value] = "123xxx" OR
    [Changes - Previous value] = "1234xx" OR 
    [Changes - Previous value] = "12345x" ) 

    [Changes - New value] = "999xxx") THEN 
    [Update ID]
  • Taylor Bowser
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi @...

    Thanks for reaching out! To confirm, it sounds like you are looking for a sum of solved tickets that are assigned to a specific group, even if they were marked as solved by someone outside of that group? Is that correct? 

    Looking forward to your reply!


  • Dustin Suits

    Hello @..., yes that is correct! We're trying to figure out how often tickets are being assigned to a group and someone outside of that group is solving. This would help us identify how often tickets are being assigned to this group incorrectly or how long this group spent on tickets without being the one to solve it. Thank you!

  • James McCoy

    Where do we find an index of Group IDs so we can match them to their names?

  • Joseph
    Zendesk Digital Resources Team

    Hello James,

    Group names and Ids can be obtained through our API's, List Groups endpoint to obtain those references.

    Alternatively, through Manage > People in Support, the Groups tab will have each group's name listed. Here, the group name itself is a hyperlink with the group's ID encoded at the end of the URL.


  • Marcos Sasson


    Which time filter should I use to see the amount of group assignments for a specific date?

  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Marcos -

    To limit the results to changes on a specific date, you'd want to add a filter using Ticket updated - date

    For more information on using filters, see Working with query filters

  • Danny Koss

    When using the custom metric, I am able to accurately capture tickets assigned from one group to another.

    I'm trying to get a sense of how many tickets are assigned to a particular group by date. I attempted using the "Update - Ticket Date" attribute, but that seems to attribute a count to the date a ticket was most recently updated which was assigned to that group.

    There is a "Ticket Assigned - Date" attribute which is almost what I'm looking for, but it doesn't properly account for tickets assigned to a group but not yet an individual agent.

    If there were a "Ticket GROUP Assigned - Date" attribute, I think that would help answer what I am looking to understand. Is there a way to write a custom attribute of this nature? Or is there another way to understand, by date, the tickets that were assigned to a particular group? 

  • Chandra Robrock
    Community Moderator
    Most Helpful - 2021

    Hey @... - Have you tried using the 'Update - Date' attribute? This date attribute will adapt to the specific update your metric is about so, in this specific case, it would be the date in which the ticket was reassigned to that specific group. 

  • Glen Schneider

    I have a similar query I am really struggling with. 

    I have over 900 groups with my instance of Zendesk with 100's of triggers that assign a ticket to the initial group.

    What I am trying to identify is 

    First group   |    Second group   |    Total

    ABC             |         DEF             |      20

    EFG             |         DEF             |      19

    ERF             |         HUI              |      15

    For last week 

    This is so I can see if I can intervene and provide a solution that means the tickets don't have to be moved and improve our FTR (first-time resolution)

    When I run the queries I get a lot of entries where the ticket started in group 1 went to group 2 then back to group 1. 
    The result is then 
    Group 1 to group 1 = 2266 tickets 

    If I exclude these tickets that came back to the original group then I am losing the data of where it went from the first group to the 2nd group. I could am then missing possible opportunities to improve a process and have a single group deal with a specific issue. 

    Thank you for all the help

  • Love Penuliar

    Hi Glen - we will need additional information in order to assist with your query. I'll be creating a ticket for this and reach out to you on that ticket shortly! 

    Warm regards,
    Love Penuliar | Associate Premier Support Engineer - Manila

    Zendesk Experience Research Panel


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