How can I copy my content from one help center to another?

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  • sorin

    Great news! The duplicate articles feature was implemented in our new Help Center Manager app. Now, in just few clicks, you can create copies of articles, sections, categories or entire help centers. A deep copy of each article is created, including all translations, attachments and images.

    There are many other useful features included such as find and replace, link checker, media library.

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  • Mike McGuffie

    Can articles be moved from one HC to another?

  • John DiGregorio

    Aside from running an API script is there a way to move articles from one Help Center to another?    We will be consolidating Help Centers in the near future and I have 66 articles in one and 228 in the other.

  • Charles Gresula
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Mike McGuffie John DiGregorio,

    The option to move HC content is documented here: Migrating existing content to your help center

    Aside from using API, you can use the following methods:

    • Copying/pasting - If you are only migrating a few articles, then the fastest and easiest way is to simply copy and paste content from your previous help center into a new Guide article.
    • Professional services - If you have large or complex migrations, you can hire Zendesk to help you with your migration.
    • Parter Apps - You can explore the Zendesk apps marketplace to find partner apps such as Help Desk Migration.
  • Ivy Gilbert

    Can the same article be visible in multiple help centers? If so, If I update an article, will the changes show in all applicable help centers?

  • sorin

    Ivy Gilbert having the same article visible in multiple help centers isn't possible in Zendesk Guide. The closes you can get is to you use the Help Center Manager app to deep copy articles from one help center to another, but you still have to maintain the sync manually.

  • Sam



    What happened to this initiative, and why was it de-prioritized?  Based on the above recommendation for utilizing Professional Services or a Zendesk partner, it seems like this might be for monetizing reasons, given that this feature request (AKA a feature gap) has been raised historically as such a common request and admin inconvenience?  How is manually copy+pasting scalable, and why should it rely on a Dev (API)? 

    • It seems reasonable to me that one wouldn't be able to copy help center articles from one instance to another instance. However, in the case where a zendesk instance has multiple help centers, the article visibility should also lend itself.


    If we can add end users into multiple organizations, why wouldn't the help center brand (also tied to organizations) be extensible for associating an article to multiple help centers? This is highly manual in an age where this kind of work should be a feature flag.

    From 2021:

    Hey Dave, 

    There are plans to address these issues, and the product teams are currently working on the building blocks to enable this functionality. Here is the thread you'll want to follow for updates: 

    Copy / duplicate Help Centre articles

    As for the comment about aging feature requests, we know that has been a significant pain point for quite a while. The good news is that we're finally going to address it, and I'm very pleased to let you know that we'll be announcing and rolling out the first of what will be several rounds of improvements to our processes and communications around product feedback next week.

    We'll be sharing this news live in a community event next week, you can register here if you'd like to attend: Community Feedback Update event


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