Creating views to manage ticket workflow

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  • Aaronsn

    We had someone alter one of our list views and we are now trying to restore it to its previous there any type of versioning or restore option for Views?

  • James Harris

    Hi there,

    I don't think there's necessarily an answer to this with the current functionality within views but here's my issue.

    I have traditionally split out the 'Pending - All Tickets' view into two 'work' reports. The first of those is filtered by:

    Status is Pending
    Hours since update is greater than 168

    This means any tickets that have been sat in pending for a week pop into this report for my team to follow up and nudge the requester, or move the ticket towards closure if the user does not engage.

    That's all well and good but we've now introduced an additional element of complexity by 'switching on' the priority field. I now want to add conditions to the view which will show low priority tickets after 168 hours but high priority tickets after just 24 hours. In other words, I want to achieve:

    IF Status is Pending


    ((Priority = High
    Hours Since Update > 24)


    (Priority = Low
    Hours Since Update > 168))


    Add the ticket the view

    Is there anyway I can achieve this easily? I can set up separate views but I'm keen to keep the number of views we ask the team to monitor daily to a minimum.


  • Julie Vargo

    I don't have a "More" button in order to see additional views that are available. All views are set for all agents, no matter the group. I know there are extra views that should be available, but all I have at the bottom of the list are "suspended", "deleted," and a link to manage the views. 

  • Erik Cerbulis

    I am looking for a way to build a view that shows tickets where I am the cc on (versus the assignee of).  Is there any way to do this or has anyone come up with a workaround for this?

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    You can try to add those users to an organization. Once done, you can then use the condition for organization in your views.
    Unfortunately, Zendesk does not have an option to restore any data that has been deleted.
    You will really need to create different views for this use case for there are multiple conditions that needs to be met that can't be added on the same view.
    Please refer to Can I create a view of tickets I'm CC'd on?. Short answer is "no". I also can't think of a method to leverage the use of web-hooks and API for this use case.
  • Stacy Win

    I'm trying to confirm an assumption I have on restricted ticket access accounts (agents can only see tickets in groups they are assigned to). If an agent has access to a View but does not have access to all the tickets that meet the view conditions, the agent would only see the tickets they have access to that meet the conditions. Is this correct?

    The Zendesk account is setup to restrict ticket access, agents can only see tickets in groups they are assigned to. A view is set up to show unsolved tickets is Group X and Group Y. An agent assigned to Group X has access to the view. If they go to the view, they WILL only see the tickets in Group X; they WILL NOT see tickets with Group Y.

  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager
    HI Stacy, yes that's correct.
  • Ahmed Esmat

    "In a upcoming release, this will change so that views will use the schedule that is applied to the ticket."

    What is the ETA?


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