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    has anyone managed to resolve this error? 

    We have a valid instagram business account, we are on the correct Zendesk account and have Agent Workspace activated. 

    Please advise. 

  • Christine
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi there,
    In the Instagram app, go to Settings > Privacy > Messages. Under Connected Tools, toggle on Allow access to messages.

    Note: This step must be performed in the Instagram mobile app. It cannot be performed via Instagram Web.

    Once done you can proceed in adding the Instagram channel in Zendesk. If you continue to experience this error after doing the step above, kindly raise a ticket with us directly so we can look into it. See Contacting Zendesk Customer Support. Thank you!
  • Jack

    Hi All, 

    Despite having removed all previous Facebook accounts from Zendesk, I am still getting the error that the Facebook Messaging Channel could not be added. 

    Please help. 

  • Audrey Ann Cipriano
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Jack, sorry you're experiencing this! Have you removed Zendesk as well in your Facebook page and try to reintegrate? You may try the following steps: 

    • log out of your Zendesk and Facebook accounts
    • After disconnected > clear caches & cookies
    • Connect 1st to Facebook with the right Admin account (of the page)
    • When you are logged in as an administrator on the Facebook page, click on this link:
    • Find the Zendesk app in the list and click the X at the top right of the app square to remove it. Don't use the search feature, just click Show More if you have more apps to show.

    If issue still occurs after these steps, please contact Zendesk Support so we can check on your specific account. Do you have other Zendesk accounts from the past where you linked your Facebook? It is possible that it is still connected there and in that case, our team has to remove it from the backend. Please message us so we can check and confirm this for you as we need some personal information and a ticket is the best way to go for this. Thank you!

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