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  • Mark Ganusevič


    This is a very cool feature, but I don't see anything related to Explore? When will these fields become reportable in Explore?

    Thank you!

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Hey Mark,

    It doesn't look like this is  currently on the roadmap but something the team is working with our Explore team on. Currently in early discussions so we don't have any additional information to share at this time.
    Let me know if you have any other questions!
  • Shayan Moussawi

    Are there any plans to allow this particular option within the Zendesk interface?

    "You can also use the Zendesk API to list the users, organizations, or tickets related to a specific related object. For example, you can request a list of all tickets related to a specific support manager. To learn more, see Retrieving lookup relationship data with the API in the developer docs."

    Listing all records related to a specific object would be really useful

  • Pedro Cassian

    would like to see more use case scenarios of this to see If I get an idea to implement this 

  • Bobby Koch

    +1 Pedro Cassian  - i feel like i have a few ideas where this could be helpful, but nothing that would be too helpful immediately.. 

  • Serge Mucibabic


    This is a nice addition.

    Can related field be used on the right side of the action in triggers?

    For example, I created a user custom 'lookup' field called Deputy Agent, with the intent to use it in case of an absence of the ticket assignee. The Deputy Agent field appears in the agent profiles and any agent name can be picked from the drop-down list, which works just fine.

    In my trigger, I'd like to add an action: Assignee = Deputy Agent 

    Unfortunately, this selection doesn't seem to be possible.

    P.S. I am aware of the Out of Office App.

  • Dan Sowden


    I'm really excited about using this new functionality, but I have some observations about the two biggest challenges I foresee in us adopting this:

    Firstly, for user objects we have a drop-down that's hard-coded for a list of our agents to add an "Incident Manager" field on tickets. For this we have triggers to automatically update this value on first assignment and agents maintain their own views of their tickets. We could easily switch this out using a lookup relationship field, except that the main benefit should be to add a view of "My Managed Tickets" where the condition is to have the incident manager = "(current user)" instead of having each agent maintain their own views, but this is not an option. Also, we could retire all of the agent specific triggers with a single one that updates the field to "(current user)", but the same restriction applies here.

    Secondly, for ticket objects - for some incidents we always want a problem ticket to be created, so we could use one of these fields for this purpose and make it mandatory for solving the ticket. However, where we currently use problem tickets there's an easy way to view all incidents linked to it - this won't exist using a lookup relationship. The best solution I can find would be to search for "fieldvalue:1234", which may bring back other tickets which have a number the same as the ID in a different field, or the even less convenient search "custom_field_64286819...:1234" and have all agents save the field ID for searching.

    I think these would be the two main sticking points I will have with my agents if I try to move us across to this feature - which is a shame because I suspect that these will stop us fully embracing this great new functionality.

    Can you confirm if these two cases have been considered or what the roadmap looks like to more fully integrating these fields into other areas of the system?

    Thanks in advance!


  • Michael M. Adams

    I have setup an "organization lookup" field.

    Currently, when you view an organization, you can see all the tickets and all the users... it would be great if I could view all the associated tickets that have that organization listed. 

  • Zack McCarty

    Michael M. Adams


    Can you shed some light on how you are using the organization lookup field? I recently submitted this product feedback and am wondering if you might have figured out how to achieve this


  • Michael M. Adams

    For us, one client may have multiple associated vendors and one vendor may have multiple associated clients.

    When a vendor submits a ticket, we use the lookup field to associate the applicable client with that ticket. We use that associated field to display in all of our views so we can see the requester and associated organizations (client or vendor) with that ticket. That is my only use case for the moment until Zendesk expands the lookup field functions.

    My hope is that Zendesk will allow those associated tickets to show up under the organizations Zendesk page so we can see all the tickets associated with those organizations (and visa versa).

  • Bobby Koch

    Just a heads up, the Organization is condition for filtering objects seems to be broken, or I just do not know how to use it.

  • Bobby Koch

    Also, it would be cool if the org and requester operations could do something like:

    - Requester is "Current end-user" and only show the related tickets for that user and the same for any tickets for that user or that are in the org. Would make it easy to identify related tickets across the same user, i think? 

  • Dan Sowden

    There appears to be a limitation for this field type which I've not seen for any other ticket fields:

    I'm not able to find any documentation explaining this limitation, bit this is a total of 5 such fields including deactivated fields - not just active fields.

  • Thomas Verschoren
    Community Moderator

    When will it be possible to add Lookup Fields to end user forms on the Help Center?

    Use case:

    • Employee forms where they need to list their direct manager, approver or employee the ticket is about.
    • Or an internal form for Sales where they escalate for a customer of theirs
    • Or a customer that selects their sales rep
    • Or a customer that chooses their preferred Hair Stylist

    Currently tickets are agent only, so it restricts these kind of use cases.

  • Shameen Rana


    Is there any way to notify(send email to) the user in lookup field of Users on Ticket about certain activity on ticket?

  • Bobby Koch

    Thomas Verschoren it says in the article that they are supported... but you are a zendesk moderator and have 4 upvotes, which worriesme... or is it just Ticket type of lookup fields is not supporteD?


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