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  • karankuwarbidxb

    In our Org we generally move the cases back and forth between teams. The group SLA seems to be resetting when the case is moved to the group again.


    Group 1 =  Group SLA starts (Eg: 15 mins).

    Case moved to Group 2 after 10 mins.

    Case moved again to Group 1 = The Group SLA runs again from 15 mins (And not from where it was left; 5 mins).

  • Colleen Hall
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi karankuwarbidxb!

    A group SLA starts when a group is assigned a ticket and ends when the ticket is reassigned or solved. Please see Defining group SLAs for more information.

    Edit: To clarify a bit more, the group SLA always resets if a ticket gets assigned back to a group it was previously assigned to. Group SLA policies aren't cumulative.

  • Stephen Lee

    Colleen Hall - any comment on my inquiry?

    Since it was 10 days ago that I posted the question with no answer, I've decided to move away from that format, and now I have individual SLA policies that all have standard next-reply time values.

    Does the quoted text mean *only* "The first policy whose conditions are satisfied by the ticket is applied to the ticket?" Thereby, subsequent policies whose conditions are satisfied are ignored?

  • Colleen Hall
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi Stephen Lee,

    I apologize for the delay in my response! 

    Yes, the quoted text means that the first SLA policy whose conditions are satisfied is applied to the ticket and subsequent policies are ignored. Only one SLA policy can apply to a ticket at a time. You can create a single SLA policy with all the metrics (such as "Next reply time" and "Agent work time") that you want to measure. Please see the Ordering SLA policies and Understanding which metrics you can measure articles for more information. I hope that helps!


  • Julie Anne Chan

    Good day,

    Would like to ask if SLA count is being reset if we assign ticket to another group? Regardless if SLA policy is changed or not?

    Example scenario:

    Ticket created yesterday at 12noon and was assigned to me using SLA policy no 2 (90 mins SLA)

    Upon checking, ticket needs to be endorsed to another group. I assigned to group A today with SLA policy 3 (3 days SLA)

    Is the ticket SLA will be reset to zero upon assigning to group A or continuous count of SLA, meaning my assistance time from yesterday until today will be counted already on Group A's  3- day SLA?

    Thank you in advance


  • Cristian Novak
    Hi Julie,
    It looks like the SLA counter is not reset, regardless if the SLA policy is changed or not. If another SLA policy applies to the ticket after changing the group, the counter looks after the whole ticket cycle. Applied to your example, the time of your assistance until you changed the group is counted as well. I hope this helps!
  • Julie Anne Chan

    This is well noted and thank you Cristian


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