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The Audit log shows various changes in your Zendesk. It saves a record of these changes indefinitely, and you can search the entire change history.

The Audit log is available for Administrators on Enterprise. The Audit log is not available for other plans.

Specifically, the Audit log shows the following changes.

Account changes
  • Account status
  • Account billing cycle
  • Account owner change
  • Account plan type
  • Maximum number of agents for your account
  • Subdomain name

User changes

  • Agent and administrator creation and deletion
  • Agent email address changes
  • Agent role
  • Agent and administrator password
  • User suspensions
App changes
  • App installation, removal, settings modification, and activation
  • App creation
Business rules
  • Automation creation, deletion, modification, and activation
  • Macro creation, deletion, modification, and activation
  • Trigger creation, deletion, modification, and activation
  • View creation, deletion, modification, and activation


  • Ticket deletion
  • Ticket locale


  • API access settings changes
  • Email archiving settings
  • Global password policy
  • IP Restriction setting changes
  • Password policy changes
  • Social media channel activation and deactivation
  • Whitelist and Blacklist additions, modifications, and deletions

To view the Audit log

  1. Click the Admin icon ( ) in the sidebar, then select Account .
  2. Click the Audit Log tab.
  3. View the information in the Audit log.
    Column Description
    Time Time and date the event occurred
    Actor User who caused the event
    IP IP address of the user who caused the event
    Type Type of action for the event (Created, Updated, or Deleted)
    Item changed Object changed by the actor
    Changes Details about the event
  4. Click any linked item to filter the Audit log based on that item.

    For example, if you click a user in the Actor column, you see all events where that user is the Actor.

    To see all events again, click Show all results .

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    Are organization changes supported yet? If so can you update the documentation to reflect the level of support?

  • 0

    Hi Akshobhya,

    Unfortunately not at present, however if you are looking to track a specific change made to an organization, feel free to reach out to


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    When the audit log lists an email, it's an incomprehensible mess. This has been a known issue for years. For example, for a comment that we just received, the audit entry was "by email to C L M S". When I look at the email itself, the header shows

    From: M

    To: L

    CC: S, C

    Where L is the customer, S is a support email address, and C and M are light agents.

    What possible purpose can there be for such obfuscation? What about "By email from M to L cc S C"?

  • 0

    Hi Jonathan,

    Thanks for reaching out to us here. I've brought this to the attention of our Product Manager, and while he agrees that the language could be better, it's not currently a high priority to be fixed.

  • 0

    To be clear -- the main issue is not the language, it's the arbitrary (or perhaps alphabetized?) order of email addresses in the log, which can make forensics difficult, especially in corner cases involving Cc's, forwards, and non-standard support addresses.

  • 0

    Is there any way to pull the complete details of an individual update? The "Definition: Changed" links have a hover tooltip, but it truncates the from/to information. I tried pulling information from the "audit_logs/{{id}}.json" endpoint, but it only shows what appears on the audit log page.

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    Is it possible to cancel the last change? (I adapted my users interface Header color to our support interface but it looks weird and I would like to go back to our previous design -default)

  • 0

    Hi Géraldine! You can change this by clicking on the Gear Icon in the lower left corner of your agent interface, and under Settings click on Account. You'll see the option to change back to the default header color right at the top:

    Let me know if I misunderstood your question!

  • 0

    Thank you Jessie, I am afraid it will change the colors of my wep portal as well, right?

  • 0

    The instructions I gave are for New Zendesk. If you're still using Web Portal for your agent interface as well as your end-user facing portal, then yes, the color change will apply in both places.

    In case you haven't seen it, I want to let you know that Web Portal is being deprecated on November 1, 2016. You can find our announcement about that here: Removal of Web portal from Zendesk. The article contains links to all the documentation you'll need to successfully make the transition.


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