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    Mikael Karlsen

    Hi guys:) I've just added triggers to auto detect language as well as added dynamic content in several languages. But my problem is . All my existing users has already language (english) set. 

    Another problem I have is that the software I support - I get requests from superusers being first line support for our software - and same user (in Zendesk) sometimes forward requests in different languages (as we support in three languages). Its basically safe to autoreply in english, but we want this cutting edge vendor on the corner profile - and safe to say - I've hit the wall here. 

    So I got an idea - create an automation (or trigger) setting language BLANK (to allow auto detection each single time a ticket is received) - but that wasn't possible. 

    Could you add that to your request list? 

    I have triggers setting Norwegian if language is Norwegian, Swedish and English. So thought is  to allow Automations set language blank. You would still have to make one automation for each language, but next time customer sends a ticket (after automation is run) the detect language function would do its trick. 

    This would have solved both problems mentioned above. 

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    Giovanni De Smet

    Seems like I can't use the dynamic content in the Macro title, right?

    Or am I missing something?

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    Jessie Schutz

    Hi Giovanni!

    Do you mean in the title of the macro itself, or do you mean setting a ticket subject, or something else?

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    Giovanni De Smet (Edited )

    Hi Jessie


    I mean the macro title.


    The dynamic content is great within the macro but I also need dynamic content in the title as well as not all of our agents are multilingual and I would like to standardize across several borders.

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    Ted Cox

    Is there a similar tool for Help Center documents?

    For example, when adding additional information to the footer of an article, I would like to add, a link to another article by using a placeholder. That way, if the title of the linked article changes, I don't have to go in an manually change the title in every article where the link appears.

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