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SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is an encryption protocol that ensures secure communications with your Help Center. To learn more about SSL, see Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Explained on the DigiCert site.

SSL is enabled by default for all zendesk.com subdomains. The secure connection is indicated in the customer's browser by https (for HTTP Secure) in the URL and by a padlock icon in the address bar. For example, the address of your Help Center might look as follows:


If you set up host mapping to change the subdomain from zendesk.com to your own subdomain, our SSL certificate no longer applies. In that case, hosted SSL is an alternative solution for Team, Professional, and Enterprise accounts.

For example, if you change the address of your Help Center from mondocam.zendesk.com to support.mondocam.com without setting up hosted SSL, your customers may experience certificate errors or be redirected to your zendesk.com subdomain.

Setting up hosted SSL consists of obtaining a SSL certificate from a certificate authority and then sending it to us to install on our servers. For details, see Changing the address of your Help Center subdomain (host mapping).

Note: Hosted SSL is not supported on Essential or trial Zendesk Support accounts.

For more ways to increase the security of your Zendesk, see Security best practices.

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