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    Erin Boyle

    Hi all,

    I'm about to launch a very small beta for agents who are searching for articles in the agent interface. This beta will not change the search experience for anyone in Help Center, but rather is a precursor to that step. You will not see any interface changes during this beta, as the change only impacts the results themselves. You will also not be able to search for community posts within the agent interface quite yet.

    If you're interested, please sign up here:

    You'll be able to choose whether you'd like this rolled out to your entire account, or, if you'd prefer, you can turn it on for individual agents.


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    Liang Dai

    Hi All,

    We are interested in learning how you, Zendesk customers, use the Zendesk search in your work to help us continue enhancing and improving this feature.

    If you and your team are interested in sharing how search supports your work and are available for talking to us, please sign up using the form here.

    We will follow up from there if we find a match to our study. Due to limited resource available, we may not be able to cover all customers. 


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    Jérôme S (Edited )

    I don't understand zendesk search. I have for example a ticket with an order number in the subject. When I search for this number, the ticket doesn't come up !

    It doesn't work either if I put that number in the description, or in tags, or in a custom field...

    Please help. Also I'm an admin, so it isn't a problem of tickets i'm not allowed to see.

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