Creating a follow-up for a closed ticket Follow

Creating a follow-up for a closed ticket

Once a ticket is closed, it cannot be altered or reopened. However, both the requester and you can create a follow-up request. This creates a new ticket that references the closed ticket and also pulls all of the original ticket data into the new ticket.

The channel for follow-up tickets is Closed ticket.

To create a follow-up for a closed ticket

  1. Locate the closed ticket that you want to create a follow-up for. You can do this by locating the requester first and then selecting one of their closed tickets, by searching for the ticket number, or by creating a view for closed tickets and locating the ticket there.
  2. When you view a closed ticket, you'll see the option to create a follow-up ticket.

  3. Click Create follow-up.

    A new ticket is created that contains the same data as the original ticket.

  4. Update the ticket data as needed and then click Submit to save the new ticket. The requester will receive an email notification for the new ticket. The new ticket is marked as a follow-up, as shown here:

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    How do we create a follow up using the API ?  ie. an update comes through the API for a ticket that has been closed, how do we create a follow up?  (if the ticket is open, its possible to change the ticket's properties, but not is closed).  Outside of the API, you can clock the 'create follow up' button, but I can see no obvious way to achieve this with the API?  Thanks, Jon

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    Hi, is it possible to create a follow up ticket using automation's based on tags?

    I would like to create a follow up ticket based on certain tags after one month. Regards /Magnus

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    Hey Magnus: 

    Follow-up tickets are created manually via the end-user or the agent. It is not possible to trigger a follow-up via an automation. 

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    This is a pretty good feature but one of my users is having an issue.  We track the time effort associated with each ticket on a custom field.  When a ticket is created as a follow-up item the original effort is copied over, which skews our effort totals is someone forgets to over write that value.

    What I'd like to do is create a trigger that when a follow-up ticket is created that this specific field be set to zero.  Unfortunately I can't seem to find a way to do this.  Is there a way?


    Thanks in advance!

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    Can I create a follow-up for more than one closed ticket?

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    Kevin: You'll have to create the trigger based on specific conditions of the follow-up ticket. You can then use the trigger to populate or reset the field. There is no specific condition that looks for the follow-up ticket type, though. 

    **Julia: **Follow-up tickets can be created individually for each closed ticket. 

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    Seems you are unable to see if a ticket has a follow-up in the new Zendesk. 

    This was a function thats missing in the migration from the old version where this was stated inside the closed case.

    Personally, I would appreciate the functionality to add tags to closed tickets. This way we can filter them out in views.

    As background, I have a team working on turning Bad Customer Sat. to positive, but it is impossible to keep track of which cases have been handled or not. 

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    Hey Mark: 

    Thanks for your feedback! You should see a text indicator at the top of a follow-up ticket, stating something like Follow-up ticket to #101 Ticket title. You'll also see that information in the events log. I think we definitely need a visual notification for follow-up tickets, as it's not very apparent. Editing closed tickets in one way or another is a popular request, though for the time being, this isn't something we'll explore just yet. 

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    is it possible to add a follow-up ticket to a ticket that is Solved but not yet Closed?

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    No, that's not possible. However while it's in the Solved state you can reopen the ticket if there's some follow up issue to be taken care of. In fact, if the requester replies back to the ticket solved notification email and adds a new comment to the ticket in the web portal, the ticket will automatically be reopened. 

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    Thanks for the quick reply Anton.  I don't want to add to the existing ticket, because it's a new request, just related to the first one.  So I wanted to create that connection, with the _Follow-up ticket to #101 Ticket title _at the top.

    I can add this as a feature request.

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    "A new ticket is created that contains the same data as the original ticket."

    Does this include the previous comment thread, since it is a follow up related to the original issue? 

    I am not seeing the original thread, nor are some of our clients within the body of the email notification sent out. Is there a way to allow this?



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    Hello Vincent,

    Follow up tickets link back to the original ticket with its comment history there, but the follow up ticket itself will not have the comments from the previous ticket. If you would like to keep the comment history when your users respond, I would recommend editing the automation that closes your tickets after 4 days and increase it to a longer time. You can delay your solved tickets being closed for up to 28 days. After 28 days, however, a background function will close your tickets even if you do not have an automation set to do this. I hope this alternative works for you!

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    We have more than a few users who reply back to a closed ticket just because they have us in their email.

    This creates a followup ticket that has absolutely nothing to do with the original ticket, however all the tags from the original ticket are inherited by this followup.

    While I hate to delete a ticket because the user has been informed that a ticket was created, they've really created a mess for us.

    What's the best way to handle this within the system?  We have our closed automation set for 4 days.  We also have the linked ticket app installed, but this really hasn't helped us.


    Am I correct that the follow-up ticket factors its own tags, etc into anything we search?  for instance, if I edit the tags on the followup ticket, this has no effect on the ORIGINAL ticket.

    I'm concerned that my metrics aren't really providing the true data.

    Oh do I need some "best practices"  :)

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    Hey Diane,

    Follow up tickets will be created whenever a user replies to an email notification that was sent from a closed ticket. If you want this reply to be captured in the origional ticket, I would recommend changing your automation to take longer to close the ticket. If you want to continue having a follow up ticket created for the user you could keep the automation the same or shorten the time in which it closes your solved tickets.

    As for your question, no, editing a follow up ticket does not effect the original ticket. The tags from the previous ticket will be copied to the new follow up ticket, but your Zendesk account will count each one ticket as an individual. If the transfer of tags to follow up tickets is causing a problem, then I do have a best practice suggestion. If you create a trigger with two ALL conditions of 'Ticket is Created' and 'Ticket channel is Closed ticket' and an action of 'Set tags' with no tags specified you will be able to remove all tags from your follow up tickets. This trigger will remove all tags though, including user tags, so be careful that you don't have any other custom workflows that might be interrupted by this.

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    Hello All,

    When I create the follow up ticket to a closed ticket, the new ticket inherit only the tags from the old ticket, but I would like that it Inherited ALL ticket fields, so I avoid my agents to copy and paste everything.

    Would this be possible? If yes, how?

    Moreover, why closed tickets doesn't allow the user to easily copy and paste the information in ticket fields? (Example: when you have your mouse cursor over a ticket field, and try to select it, nothing happens)

    Thanks in advance for your answer.

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    Hello Richard,

    Custom ticket fields that are associated with tags are much easier to transfer over than free form ticket fields where you type in alphanumeric values. There might be a way to get this data transfered over for you, but it might take some custom work. I would suggest a workaround to this by lengthening the time that it takes for your solved tickets to be set to closed. If you go to Manage > Business rules > Automations there should be a default automation titled 'Close ticket 4 days after status is set to solved'. You can edit this automation to take longer than 4 days to close your tickets, up to 28 days. This might help avoid follow up tickets in the first place.

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    Dear Brandon,

    Thanks for your answer. We are already closing tickets in 28 days already, still we have cases that returns after 2 or 3 months, and in all of these the agent is obliged to record all the customer details again. Using tags wouldn't be possible because we have a high volume of data for each customer (from address, to market where he purchased the device, to device description, etc..).

    What is even more annoying is the fact that closed tickets doesn't allow the agent to easily copy and paste the information in ticket fields. (Example: when you have your mouse cursor over a ticket field, and try to select it, nothing happens) - This simple change would improve a LOT our productivity.

    I also tried the Linked Ticket app, which is a great app, BUT it doesn't copy the ticket fields to the child ticket. (Big disappointment)

    My assessment is that this is such a basic feature, that it shouldn't require custom work, it should be available to all users.


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    How do I modify the line of text that is added to the follow-up with the active link to the original issue. I do not allow my users to login and have modified our other notifications/portal to remove links to ticket numbers, but can't seem to isolate where to change this one. Thanks!


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    @Kevin The "this is a followup ticket to ticket # ...." text that appears in the 1st comment for a followup ticket is a built-in action that cannot be removed manually at this time.

    If you'd like to ensure that the end-user doesn't see this ticket number, you could update your "notify requester of received request" trigger to not fire on follow up tickets, and then you could create a separate trigger for follow up tickets that only sends a message saying "we've received your request," and does not include the placeholder. The downside to doing this is that it won't include the rest of the comment text, but because the ticket # message is included as part of the rest of the comment text there isn't a way to separate them out and display one and not the other.

    My apologies if this isn't an effective workaround to this given your use case. We truly value customer feedback and the feature request forum is one of the main ways we keep track of what our customers want in Zendesk. Our Product team regularly reviews all of our feature requests, so this is a great place to share this feature.

    I've taken a look and found the following existing feature request that I believe meets your requirements:

    I would recommend voting for the feature request and subscribing to the article so you'll be updated of any further comments. I'll follow up internally with our product team, and see if they would be able to review the request and weigh in there.

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    We use the zendesk to sugar module that creates a ticket in our sugarCRM instance whenever a new ticket is created in zenndesk.  However, this does NOT occur when the requester creates a follow-up ticket by updating a closed ticket with a follow-up request.

    Can this be corrected or is there a wok around?

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    Hi Marc,

    I'm going to create a ticket for you and escalate your question to get some clarification on how the SugarCRM integration should behave. You should receive an email for this ticket shortly.


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    It would quite useful if I can proactively create a follow-up to a ticket that is solved, but not yet closed. For example, I recently dealt with a malfunctioning piece of hardware at one of our client locations. The resolution for this was to simply overnight a new unit and ask that the old unit be shipped back. Once the new unit was installed and confirmed working, I resolved the ticket. I'm now dealing with the manufacturer for repairs to the malfunctioning device and would like to link my new ticket to the previous one for documentation's sake. As it stands right now, I need to wait for the original ticket to close before I can create a follow-up.

    Additionally, (and I haven't tested this), can I retroactively make an existing ticket a follow-up to another. In my example above, I have already created the "follow-up" ticket for my dealings with the manufacturer. Am I permanently stuck with there being no link between the two?

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    Hi Fvodden, 

    For now, follow-up tickets are created because the original ticket is closed and no further comments can be added. Your question and use case are totally understandable, and they'd make a great Feature Request in our Product Feedback forum. Our Product Team reviews these regularly.

    To your second question, it's not possible to take two unrelated tickets and make one a follow-up to the other. It is possible for you to merge two unrelated tickets into one ticket. If they have separate requesters, you'll need to visit Settings > Tickets and check the box to enable cc's. The Requester on the ticket that's being merged will then become a cc on the ticket they're being merged into.

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    Hey guys,

    We're finding it incredibly irritating and time-consuming that follow-up tickets don't include the information of the previous ticket. Are there any plans for the ticket information on the follow-up ticket to be automatically filled with the information from the previous, now closed, ticket - for efficiency's sake?

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    Hi Nina, 

    Some information like tags and the subject are carried over and there are also links near the top of the old and new tickets about the original ticket or the follow up. What kinds of information are you looking to be carried over?

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    Hi Laura,

    We have custom fields in all of our ticket forms such as their unique ID for our servers, the version of the Game that they're using, what model of mobile device they play our games on, etc etc.

    Basically a bunch of information that we input into the ticket itself to make our processes faster, but apparently only some of these have appeared to have copied over (we have had rare instances where it does, but can't work out what caused this to happen).

    We know that it links to the old ticket, but when you add up the hundreds of tickets we get per day, any number of less mouse clicks that we need to perform can save heaps of time! :)

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    @Nina, We're following up via ticket, we'll be in touch shortly :) 

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    Thanks Trisha, got it! :)

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    Hi, if the user is having other language then English (e.g. Portugese) follow up message is still sent in English. Is there way to change this? Shouldn't be automatically translated by the system?

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