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  • Arik Trejos

    Hello, is there a way to get the ZenDesk App from Google Play to dial numbers using the smartphone's internet and not its actual phone line? or to use the smartphone's VPN dialer (such as Zoiper) instead of the default dialer?  Thanks

  • Jon Daniels

    Hey Arik!

    There is no way to take Zendesk Talk calls through a mobile app (yet), currently the only way is outlined above (forwarding those calls to the mobile and answering via a normal phone call)

    Here are the closest product feedback posts I could find requesting this feature:

    Bring outbound call functionality to mobile apps

    Zendesk Talk Mobile App

    I recommend voting on the relevant requests and adding your use case in the comments.

    If these don't match what you're looking for, feel free to create a new post in the feedback forum:

    Zendesk Product Feedback

    Thanks for your input!

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Amanda - 

    Do you know which browser they are using? Several people reported seeing this issue on Chrome last week due to an audio update pushed by Google.

    The fix is to do the following: 

    1) Paste:  chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy  into the URL field

    2) Change it to "No user gesture is required"

    3) Restart the browser

    You can also read through that conversation for more details. 


    Let us know if that fixes it for you!

  • Malik Usman

    We are using an external Toll free number (not zendesk number) for all incoming calls on our zendesk number. Now we are getting the same Caller id number ( the external toll free number) for every incoming call on zendesk. How can we enable the originating caller id number?


  • Jacob Seaver

    Hi Malik,

    The forwarding of caller ID information to Zendesk Talk numbers is definitely possible, but from what you're describing the best recommendation here is to have the you check with the external service provider that provides the original access number to see whether the original caller ID information can be passed when forwarding that phone number to your Zendesk Talk number.

    I do hope that helps, Malik!

  • Malik Usman

    Hi Jacob,

    We have tested this with the external service and yes its passing the original caller id information.

  • Nik

    While signed into Zendesk on my computer (chrome), my team longer receives "an incoming call" alert. It does not provide the alert for incoming calls whether calling our company support line OR our Zendesk assigned number. but I can see the missed calls in our "call history" admin panel. It worked last month and mysteriously stopped working this month.

    Your Zendesk support team has not been able to determine the issue. Our customer service is failing because we no longer know when customers are calling in :-( PLEASE HELP!!

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Nik -

    Do you already have a ticket open with our support agents? If so, can you tell me what the ticket number is so I can check on it?

  • John

    When inbound call comes in, how can i make it ring on the speakers? But when I accept the call the inbound call sound comes into the headset. Are there any WebRTC Chrome extensions that can be used to accomplish this?

    Reason for this is, when I put my headset down and walk away from the desktop, I dont hear an incoming call. Because the ring is only in the headset. We were using salesforce before and had service with NewVoiceMedia that has this Chrome WebRTC extension:

    Does Zendesk Talk have similar WebRTC extension that has this option that can be used in Chrome or Firefox?

    See image below

  • Dan Kondzela

    Hey John!

    This is a great question, and I can certainly see the validity of the request. Unfortunately this is something that is not planned at this time. We have a similar request over on our Talk Product Feedback Forum that you can check out here, with direct interaction from a Talk Product Manager explaining the reasoning.



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