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    Mary Paez (Edited )


    The diagram is very helpful esp since we have KCS I (Candidates), KCS II (Contributors), and KCS III (Publishers). Very relatable to KCS methodology.  Thank you!

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    Jennifer Rowe

    Thanks, Mary! Glad it's helpful!

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    Lorie Gangi

    So, with Guide Team Publishing, does this mean that the person that creates or edits the article does not have permissions to publish the article?

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    Jennifer Rowe

    Hi Lorie,

    Permissions for editing and publishing have not changed. That is set at the section level. So if someone has permission to create and edit articles in a section, they also have permission to publish in that section.

    Hope that helps!

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    Jennifer Rowe

    I should add that more granular controls might be available in the future, so that you can control editing vs publishing rights. But for now permissions have not changed for Team Publishing. It still works like this:


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    David Fenton

    Hi Jennifer,

    So here are my questions. Can you verify (even though I think you answered above):

    1. When it’s released, will it be dependent on the permissions beta that is coming in early May? Right now it isn’t.
    2. Do we have to upgrade to the new Enterprise to get the released version of Team Publishing?



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