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  • Jacob J Christensen

    Will visitor data from Guide/Help Center/Web widget/SDK, including search be available in Explore?

    When I need to report on things like

    • Article discoverability (the percentage of searches that surface 0 results) and
    • Self Service Score (# site visitors devided by # Ticket requesters)

    I currently need to use a combination of Custom reporting in Insights, Zendesk native reporting and Google Analytics and put it all together in a spreadsheet. 

  • Hannah Meier

    Hi Jacob,

    Thanks for your feedback! We are working on expanding our Guide content in 2019 by adding additional datasets. One of the key themes revolves around content consumption. I cannot share any specifics at this time, but I have noted your feedback. Once these new datasets are available, you should be informed via email.

  • Jacob J Christensen

    Sounds good, thank you Hannah!

  • Judd Higgins

    I second this request.  This is a huge void for our analytics/metrics.  Knowing how our customers are using our Help Center is half the battle.

    Can you please give an ETA for when in 2019 these metrics will be available?

  • Teck Leong Fong

    Please advise an ETA on this :-(

  • Stephanie Hong

    I am currently using the Zendesk Insights tab data for the content consumption dataset currently not available in Explore.

    Is there an update on the availability of this dataset?

  • Gail Leinweber

    Hi Stephanie,

    Thanks for reaching out! Can you clarify what you mean by content consumption dataset? I'm not seeing this listed in our Insight's metrics reference, so we'd like to make sure that we know what you're looking for before we check with our Explore team.


  • Judd Higgins

    Any ETA on when we will get metrics for Guide in Explore?  The current "Knowledge Capture" dataset is the only dataset and shows zero metrics on how customers are getting to and using our Help Center -it only shows what articles are being linked in Support tickets.  This doesn't help us understand if those linked tickets are being read, and if they are helping with case deflection, etc. Having to use Google Analytics to try and piece this together is not sufficient.

  • Vincent Dollet

    Hi Judd,

    Thank you for reaching out.

    We fully understand the need to better understand how your Knowledge Base and Community contribute to your customer experience. We'll be kicking-off a research project in H2 to refine the vision, and we should be able to share more information re. the timeline then,

    Kind regards


  • Anneka Brazier

    H there,

    Is there an update on when general reporting for Guide will be available to use in Explore?

    We're particularly keen to see this since the standard Help Centre reporting metrics in Zendesk aren't working correctly, are giving incorrect numbers and cannot be relied upon for key reports to Stakeholders and partners.

    I've raised this point with Support and our Account Manager who have suggested I use this article to add further weight to getting this issue fixed.



  • Vincent Dollet

    Hi Anneka, thanks for following up. We do appreciate the criticality of helping you understand how your Help Center is being consumed - covering both Knowledge Base and Community. Key areas include:

    - enabling you to measure the impact of the content you are creating on the end-user experience

    - enabling you to understand the end-user journey 

    - enabling you to identify what areas need more work

    - enabling you to know who your top contributors are

    We are still planning an in-depth research project in H2. We'll then be able to share more information on scope & timeline.

    Many thanks for your continued patience,

    Kind regards



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