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  • Lauren Williams


    I'm looking to create a custom metric that allows me to see the total number of votes, count the number of positive votes and thirdly calculate the percentage by dividing the number of positive votes by the total vote count.

    I believe I've managed to retrieve the total number of votes by using this formula: COUNT(Article votes) however breaking this then down into positive and negative votes seems impossible as there's nothing that identifies a vote being either. I.e how do I pull out an "upvote"?

    Does anyone know if what I'm looking for is possible, or indeed have tried it themselves?


  • Robert Silverstone

    You can calculate upvotes using net votes and total votes:

    If Total Votes = upvotes + downvotes, and Net Votes = upvotes - downvotes,

    then Upvotes = (Total Votes + Net Votes) / 2

    and Downvotes = (Total Votes - Net Votes) / 2

    I don't know what to make of these vote numbers in Explore though. The numbers for both AVG(Article votes) and COUNT(Article votes) are radically different to the numbers we're seeing in Insights ... different votes counts and different total votes.

  • Robert Silverstone

    Explore's saying one of my articles has 750 votes for 500 views 🤷 Those don't seem trustworthy stats

  • Jarl Frode Arntzen

    Hi, @... . 

    This will be releasing to everyone as soon as the EAP is finished. For more details, or to apply, see

    If I follow the link, I just end up on a page that says:
    You're not authorized to access this page

    What does it take to view this page?



  • Rob Stack
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi Jarl Frode Arntzen, the comment above is now old. This feature has been released to everyone with applicable plans (as detailed in the article above). The EAP is closed. Thanks!

  • Mathias Martinez

    Hi team, 

    We are trying to customize the report and send it to a particular recipient on daily basis. 

    Can you assist us with that?


  • Rob Stack
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi Mathias Martinez, I wasn't sure exactly what you needed, but you can use the information in Scheduling dashboard deliveries to likely help you do what you need. Let us know if you need more help. Thanks!

  • Rob Stack
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi Mathias Martinez, you'll find all you need to know about scheduling dashboards with end-users at:

  • Lauren Ward

    Hi all,

    We need to create a report on article viewcount as compared to "freshness", i.e., including article views and the article's last update date. I don't see the "Article last updated" attribute in the Knowledge Base dataset, only publish date. Is there a plan to add this, or perhaps I'm missing how to accomplish this? Any advice is much appreciated, thank you.

    Note: I tried running two separate queries and creating a pivot, but when I include Article last updated from the Knowledge Capture or Answer Bot dataset, I'm only getting the articles that were flagged or offered, not the full library of articles that were updated, which is what we need.

  • Rob Stack
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi Lauren Ward. this isn't currently possible, but it's a great request for a feature. Would you be willing to post this in our feedback forum at:

    That will give your request more visibility with the product teams and other customers who will be able to vote for it. Thanks!

  • Laura Dell'Angela


    I am wondering how I can easily measure article votes for all translations belonging to the same article. I need one metric for each article ID, which includes the votes of all the translations of that article.

    Currently, this is possible in Explore, if I choose article votes as metric and the article ID as attribute. This, however, creates two questions:

    1. How can I display the English title instead of the article ID in my Explore dashboard (note that I am not looking to only collect the votes for the English language but for all languages - including the title would simply make it easier to read the reports)?
    2. Are votes counted separately for each language?


  • Julio R.

    Hi Laura! That is indeed a very interesting question. If your main goal is to count the votes of the translation of your articles, then I don’t think creating such a query to separate votes would be worth it. To clarify, votes will be tallied on the article level as a whole and based on the translation’s creation date. For this reason, if you published the English translation of an article a day before the Italian translation, the English translation could end up with more votes.

    Julio R. | Technical Support Engineer - EMEA | Zendesk

  • CJ Johnson

    Hi Laura, 
    I am pretty sure that at least currently, votes are counted the same across all languages, just from fiddling around in Explore, when I added in the translation language, the vote count was the same for each language. 

    For the first part of your question, you are in luck! I also needed a way to present Guide reports with a roll up of views per month in my case, that show the English title but counts all translation views as well. Zendesk did a nicer write up than mine on it here:

    You'd want to change out the main metric to :

    ATTRIBUTE_FIX(AVG(Votes), [Article ID])


  • Jonathan Juarez


    The default metric formulas do not match the the attributes. I had to create custom metrics because it is case-sensitive.  How can I get this corrected so the default metrics reflect the attributes options accordingly 


  • Zack York

    I'm very excited to see these metrics now showing in pre-built dashboards. Thanks, Zendesk!

    My question now is this: If Zendesk believes a ticket was created based on a specific search term, is it possible to see which tickets make up the 'Tickets Created' metric? I'm not seeing a way to do this.



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