Explore recipe: Configuring clickable links to tickets

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  • Anton Mintsev

    It's a pity one can't use calculated attributes in the drill through - no way to add ticket links there. Does anyone have a workaround? 

  • Inbal Romano

    I'm also looking for a way to add tickets links to the drill-through. Would love to know if there's some kind of solution 

  • Patrick Bosmans

    Hello Anton and Inbal,

    Unfortunately this is not a feature of Drillthrough yet.  This is however a great idea and I would recommend you post in the Explore Feedback Forum to make sure that our Product team is aware of this type of feature request.

  • Justin

    When I add this clickable link attribute and add it to ROWS in a table report, it shows a ticket ID but it's not clickable. What gives?


    EDIT: Disregard. For anyone with the same question, you need to add another step:


    chart configuration > chart > text interpretation = HTML

  • Delores Cooper

    You got it, Justin! Let us know if you need anything else!

  • Mark Menjivar

    Yes, would absolutely want to have clickable links in the drillthrough function as the way Insights did! 

  • Rona Yang

    The explorer feedback link is broken. Also would like to add that clickable links is really necessary for drill through or to be able to just go into a list of the tickets and open them up the way we have in JIRA. 


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