Using Flow Builder to create a social messaging bot

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  • Jordan

    Love this idea! I understand that if this feature is toggled on for 1 brand, then flowbuilder will be available on all social channels, but if you are using multibranding, can some brands use this feature and others not?

    Will help center articles be available to be viewed in social media as well?

  • Cheeny Aban
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Jordan,

    Thank you for raising that up! we appreciate it. I had flagged this article and raise your inquiry to our Team. The article will be updated once further information is available regarding this EAP.


  • Erik

    Hi there!

    I just got now this Early Access Program but it seems that is not following the same structure of chat bot, the options seems broken and is very hard to our customer understand which option he can choose


    As you can see, the option looks great on our website, but on whatsapp is not elegible to use on that way.

    Our operation is affecting at this moment and our customer cannot contact us, this is a huge problem!

    We need to disable this program right now, this is possible? I'm kindly asking too, if is not possbile to disable that, please do an update on this system to looks like the same chat bot.

  • Dave Dyson

    Hi Erik, just a reminder – please leave your feedback on Productboard. Thanks!

  • George Reinoso

    Just signed in on the EAP. Waiting to be accepted. Love this option

  • Anton M.

    Can you share a tip, how to make bot to react properly to the conversation start? 
    When we start conversation in a web widget, the bot reacts proactively so users can see icebreakers options straight away. 

    Yet when using social messaging, the bot does not start by itself, so conversation starts like that: 
    1. User: Hello! 
    2. Answer bot: Sorry I do not understand. Please rephrase or
    (Start Over) 
    3. User: Start Over 
    4. Answer Bot: Please choose your issue (billing) (other)

    Is there a way, for the bot to skip to the root tree element (4) when receiving greeting from user or even start proactively in Twitter and other channels, that support it?

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    As this behavior is happening on an EAP I'll mark this as a feedback. Our options to troubleshoot its functionality is limited right now. Rest assured, our Team will look into it for further improvement.
  • Redwan

    same here as Anton M. explained, very weird the bot flow starts even before the actual flow starts which is make it an inconvenient and unpleasant experience for the customers.

  • Paul McCabe

    In the article above:

    • The same bot will be shared by all channels within a brand. You can’t have different bot experiences on different social channels to your Web Widget, if those channels share the same brand.

    Is this accurate with the EAP? I seem to be able to create multiple different bots within the same brand now (although I have not yet tried to publish more than one). 


  • Paul McCabe

    Following up on my comment above, I did a quick test, and it seems I was able to create 2 different bots for the same brand, and assign them to unique messaging channels, as shown here.

  • Aya

    Totally agree on with what Anton M. explained above. The current flow is very strange. Hope this gets improved very soon!

  • Ahmed Zaid
    Community Moderator

    Hello team,

    I am wondering if there is a way to hand over the conversation from the agent workspace back to the answer bot. If the conversation ticket is solved, but not closed, every new message on social (as tested on messenger) reopens the ticket instead of starting a new conversation.

    As a workaround, we add a tag that fires a trigger to close the ticket. But it feels like an essential feature is missing where the conversation simply cannot be ended by the agent.

  • Anton

    Ahmed Zaid 
    You can try to use the following string. Though I'm not sure if it'll work in your setup. 

  • Ahmed Zaid
    Community Moderator


    That is brilliant. Thanks a lot.

    This works for me on a demo instance that has SunCo subscription. I wonder if it works for accounts without SunCo too.

  • Kevin Forero

    Hola buenas tardes comunidad, 

    Tengo un problema con mi bot, construí mi bot para dar respuesta por WhatsApp (Cuents verificada) sin embargo cuando lo publicó el bot no funciona y aparte no me llegan los mensajes de WhatsApp a mis citas, ayuda ¿Que estaré haciendo mal? Antes si me había funcionado y de repente dejo de funcionar 

  • Anton

    Kevin Forero  Try to open your bot setting and check if it's connected to your WhatsApp channel. If you can't see WhatsApp channel there, make sure that the bot and WA channel are linked to the same brand. 

  • Kevin Forero

    Anton Gracias por responder, si ya verifique y en realidad sólo tengo una Marca, apenas llevo 7 días con Zendesk, igual verifique y todo esta conectado a la misma Marca, y el bot sigue sin funcionar

  • Malak Jawa


    I activated messaging to start using chatbot again but it doesn't work on WhatsApp at all, even I make WhatsApp to be connected channel on the bot but it doesn't work at all, and the worst thing is that when I tested it, the chatbot was not work well and customer keep talking but we did not get tickets to reply back, because of the chatbot was not working well ( no options appears to the customer even if customer want to talk to an agent or any other options) because chatbot is active on WhatsApp we don't receive customer ticket but at the same time chatbot doesn't work or appear options to the customer, so customer keeps talking with himself because we don't receive a ticket to reply back because chatbot is active as well as chatbot doesn't present options to customer , lets say chatbot did not appear answers , why we cant get ticket then to reply it, and because chatbot is active on WhatsApp but doesn't work when I turned it off from WhatsApp, the customer starts able to talk with us again 

     I see similar cases with other Zendesk users 

  • Kevin Forero

    Tengo el mismo caso de Malak Jawad Malak Jawa ¿Existe alguna soluciona para este problema? 

  • Zeke

    I would like to capture using Bot, Data such as Email and Full name on social channels but it seems no data capture is supported. Is that correct?

  • Raphaël Péguet -

    Zeke I didn't Succeeded too.. but I succeeded showing "options buttons" and articles.

    @Zendesk is there a date where you think you will be able to show fields to be filled by the customer in social channels please?

    Best regards,


  • Sacbe Alfonsina Ibarra E

    Can you give me more details on what doesn't work with whatsapp regarding data capture?

    Maybe an example of what I wouldn't be able to do? 

  • Daniel Velasque

    We have noticed that the flow does not start if you receive an image or a voice message as the first message from the client.
    Many people do not start a conversation flow by writing a text that says "hello" or another text, they directly send an audio or an image. It would be great if the flow would start automatically when faced with these non-text events. Is it possible to have that improvement?
    Agurated your comments to know what to respond to my clients.

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Sacbe and Zeke,
    For the limitations of Flow Builder in Social Channels, please refer to Functionality differences from web and mobile messaging.
    Hi Daniel,

    As of the moment, our bot can only work on with phrases. What you can do is to immediately present options to your customers so that they will have to choose their concern first before they even attach a file. Please refer to the screenshot below.

    These are called intents/answers. Please refer to Building a bot using answers.
  • balachandar

    Need Help in configuring Answer Bot

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Hey balachandar,
    Can you confirm what questions you have around setting up Answer Bot?
    Thanks in advance!
  • donald.cornel

    Hi! I need help from creating bot work flow. I included "ask details" on the flow with three fields needed to be fill up by the end user but upon testing and trying it, the fields are not showing.

    It skips the "ask details" and just proceed to the message. Can anyone help me with this?

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Donald,

    I'll create a ticket a ticket for you to work on your concern. Please wait for my update via email and let's start from there.
  • Damien Messe

    Hello Dane

    We know the limitation of Flow Builder on Social Media especially to capture info such as name, email, booking reference, etc.

    This missing feature is preventing us to use Flow Builder on Social Media as we don't want our agents to copypaste this info in Zendesk while it could be done automatically by the Bot.

    Do you have any visibility on when the capture feature will be available on Social Media channels ?


  • Benjamin

    Hello Dane,

    Same problem happened to me too the "Ask for Details" doesn't work on Social Channel. 

    Can you help me on this one ?

    Thank you.


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