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  • Shot Scope Support

    Hi, is it possible for the outcome of a 'Transfer to agent' in the 'Flow Builder' to be a new email ticket that populates the backlog?

    We aren't looking to have an online human chat presence but would like a bot presence. Ideally what would happen is that if the customer doesn't get the help they are looking for they can submit a request/contact form that generates an email ticket in the backlog for us to pick up.

    It seems the only type of support ticket that can be generated is a Chat ticket not a support ticket or have I got that totally wrong?

  • Prakruti Hindia
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi there, 

    Apologies for the late response. We have introduced business hours in Flow Builder. This will enable admins to capture more information from customers, starting a conversation out of business hours. This information will passed along to a new Messaging ticket. The agents have the option to respond via messaging or email to that ticket. 

    I would also suggest checking out this capability, which sends email notification to customers for new, unread messages from the agent. 



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