Explore recipe: Displaying users with no ticket requests

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  • Viktor Hristovski

    Rob Stack, im trying to show users from my organization but i want the list to show all users (even without submited tickets) but also exclude any suspended users. 

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Viktor,
    You just have to follow the steps above and it should also show you the users without any tickets. As it turns out, Explore does not return a zero value so you'll need to look for the blank rows in the ticket column.

  • PT Dadlani

    Doesn't this presume that the organization the customer is from has opened at least 1 ticket ?  What if I want to list a report that shows me any organizations that have never logged a ticket?

  • Gab Guinto
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hello PT Dadlani,
    An end user can belong to multiple organizations, so it's possible for agents to move tickets between user orgs. Agents can also update the ticket requesters, and consequently change the associated ticket organization, when needed; and, agents/admins may also create an organization without users or tickets linked to it. So, it's definitely possible to have an organization with zero tickets listed under it.
    If you need to see which organizations currently have no tickets associated to them, then you can follow similar steps outlined above, but instead of using requester status/id, you can reference the Requester organization attributes. 
    IF ([Requester organization status]="Active")
    THEN [Requester organization ID]
    You can then slice this metric and the native Tickets metric by Requester organization name, and then sort or filter the report to see those with null values under 

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