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  • Eric Miller

    Is there any workflow in Guide that would support reviewers adding comments or suggested edits (along the lines of a 'track changes' type feature)? We have the use case of an article needing a technical review, we want to capture feedback in the article but without the reviewer actually editing the text.

  • Maggie Ungerboeck
    Community Moderator

    Hi Eric,

    There isn't anything in Guide that allows you to comment or suggest edits without updating text. I've created some other processes depending on the person I'm working with and how familiar they are with Zendesk.

    For people who work in Zendesk regularly, I have them edit the article and use bolded and italicized text for their comments and feedback. Although this is editing the text which isn't what you are looking for, thought I'd throw it out there as an idea. It does work well with those folks who work a lot in Zendesk. I also can roll back to the published version really easily with the Revisions option if nothing needs to be changed.

    For people who aren't as engaged with Zendesk, I usually just copy and paste the article and drop it in a Word document and turn on Track Changes. It's an extra step but it does preserve my content and makes it easy for the person doing the review/changes. When it comes back, I just make the necessary changes in my Zendesk article. It's a few extra steps but don't find it to be time consuming or difficult. 

    The one piece that is missing for me in both of these workarounds/methods is managing what is out for review. That is something I haven't been able to figure out a good way to handle. 


  • Joshua Bentley

    Using team publishing, we're trying to streamline our process a bit. Here's what we'd like to have happen.

    1. Article author (in their own segment and only able to create/edit articles, but not publish) creates article and submits for review.
    2. Guide admin (or some other designated segment) is notified that an article has been created and needs verification/publication.
    3. Guide admin/editor verifies, publishes, or assigns back to author for further changes.
    4. If assigned back to the author for further changes, the author is notified of the assignment.
    5. Process repeats until article is published.

    Are these kinds of notifications possible? I've looked several places and am either searching the wrong terms or I'm looking in the wrong places.

    Any help would be great!

  • Milton Lobo

    Are there any plans to make the Review Status available within the API endpoint?


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