Decommissioning email support addresses

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  • Sean Cusick great article! Instead of sending an email, we're embarking on a big push for customers only to create tickets via the Zendesk web form. I'm thinking of discontinuing email support, but I want to make sure I'm considering everything.

    We could create a trigger to set any newly created tickets via the current email alias to closed and send an auto-responder pointing to the web form. But is that the best solution? It seems too easy.

    My other concerns are:

    1. Will this solution still allow replies from agents to be sent from our current email alias?
    2. Our webform will require customers to sign in to their account before submitting a new ticket. But what about customers that are locked out of their account? What alternatives do they have to be still able to submit a ticket to us if we automatically close tickets created by email?
  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Allen,
    This will work for all your current support addresses.
    When it comes to situations when customers cannot login, it will be better if you retain at least one of your support addresses that will have the sole purpose of assisting on login concern. We also have something similar in place whenever a service incident took place. You can also create a trigger where a reminder that correspondence to those emails will only be assisted if they are only about login issues.

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