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  • Brooke Lodge

    Hi there,

    We have used Support for awhile but have only recently launched our Help Centre including the Community.

    I'd love it if we could also reverse this and make it so we can go into the users Help Centre profile through their Support profile.

    The data I can get currently on posts, comments and upvotes are great. However that is only if a member of the community is active. As we have just launched I'm really keen to have an idea on how many people have joined to see if they are sitting there and just need us to help instigate the conversation or if our marketing needs a different tactic because they aren't going to our community in the first place.

    Being able to get these metrics would be really useful! And I believe I can get these if I could access their Help Centre profile.

    Thank you

  • Dave Kaminsky (Qumulo)

    is there a method to add language preference to the user's profile so they can self manage this setting with out chewing up agent time? 

  • Thomas Deely

    I switched this on in our sandbox, however, the profiles are appearing japanese which is not our default language for the site. do you have any guidance on this? Thanks


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