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  • Mary Jane Reese

    I ran a report to show the sum of articles searched over a specific period of time based on the article title.  There is a row that appears blank, but has a large number of views for that article.  What are people searching that would bring a result of a blank response?

  • Marco
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Esther, thanks for reaching out regarding this. As per checking, the blank article entry(ies) generally indicates that the article has been deleted. Our product team has confirmed that it is expected behavior but definitely plans to address it in the future. 
    A good workaround could be to clone the dashboard (if you are viewing a default one) and modify the blank values according to the article: How do I exclude blank values from my query? 
    Hope this helps clarify it for you. Cheers! 
  • Sy Sussman

    It looks like I can only see the net votes. If that's true, it's a terrible analytic experience. Consider two scenarios:

    • 100 people gave the article an up vote, and 5 people gave it a down vote, Explore shows me a value of 95.
    • 1,000 people gave the article an up vote and 905 people gave it a down vote. Explore shows a value of 95.

    These two scores are the same, yet there are two very different stories here.

    Am I missing something?


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