Drag and drop for ticket tabs


  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Glad to hear things are going well, Seth!

    Thanks for the feedback on the ticket tabs. We'll be interested to hear from other users if they have similar needs.

  • Thomas D'Hoe

    Indeed, this would be great.

    Als a button "close all tabs" would be nice!

  • Seth

    I agree, Thomas.

  • Amy Martindale

    Of course we would find that useful. Being able to group related tickets would be extremely helpful, as would being able to open a ticket in a new browser window. As it is, I have to figure out which tickets I want to group; manually open a separate browser window for them; then start opening the tickets I'm interested in.

    You've got a thread here from 2014 with users requesting the same thing: https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/203446406-Tab-reordering-

  • Seth

    Thanks for the link, Amy.

    Sorry for the duplicate thread, didn't see that when I searched.

  • Ron Hanhy

    I would love to have this upgrade as well.  I use Zendesk every day and often wish I had the ability to click, drag, and reorder ticket tabs.

    My work around for this has been the same as what Seth Christofer listed above.  Close all tabs and open again in the order I want them in.  Time consuming and difficult to do when I have many ticket tabs open at once.

  • Seth

    Are there any plans to add this feature or has it been shelved for now?

  • Alex Grant

    This is kind of a poor way to field suggestions for functionality. I had to make an account just to upvote this. I am 100% positive that every day users of Zen Desk would benefit from this seemingly standard functionality of other CRM tools.

  • Tsvetan Marinov

    Come on Zendesk, make your customers more happy with something so small, but so useful. Reordering the tabs is something which you should do a long time ago. Also, please remove that limitation for the tabs, where if you open +10 tickets it starts hiding them. Just make the tabs smaller, but don't hide them or at least set a user option where people can choose how it should work for them.

  • David Aigler

    I would also like to upvote OP's request for ability to move ticket tabs around. It would improve the usability of the product for our team. 

  • Andrey

    That would be a great update for Zendesk and I presume that a lot of potential customers will migrate from other helpdesks to Zen for it

  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator
    The Product Manager Whisperer - 2021

    Yes as stated earlier in this thread, more control over the tabs, like "clear all tabs" or "close tabs".

    Something like this:

  • Jack Dimitrievski

    I would also like to upvote OP's request for the ability to move ticket tabs around.

    Also, Use Mouse Wheel to Close Tabs will be a great feature that will fit current industry standards

  • Serraview Australia

    Yes please! Any updates on this Zendesk?

  • Eleanor Best

    My team and I would also find tab rearranging incredibly useful, and the "close all tabs" function as well.

  • Jessica Girod

    This function would be amazing!! I often find myself trying to rearrange my tabs within Zendesk and have to close out and reorder. It can be tedious and time consuming. If we could move them ourselves that would be wildly beneficial. 

  • Manuel Torres

    Voting on this Idea would love to see the option to move tabs and arrange on an order that helps keeps ticket views clean. 

    Also, is there a hotkey in Zendesk that would allow us to move into tabs? For example, in Chrome, you can hit Command + 2, Command +3 to switch between tabs. 

  • Gigi

    Popping in from 2022 also requesting this feature! 

  • Melik Atabeyli

    Almost closing to 4 years on this... How hard can it be to code this? Less than 50 lines I would assume, come on you should focus on stuff like this instead of other, this is higher priority. Especially 4 years gone past, just make it so we can rearrange the ticket tabs.

  • Dave Dyson
    Thanks Melik & everyone for your continued feedback. I can't speak for our product team, but I can say that product development is challenging, requiring tough decisions and making the best of limited resources, and that things aren't always as simple as they may appear. We receive thousands of product suggestions every month, so it's just not possible to respond (or implement) them all. For a bit more information, see Giving Product Feedback at Zendesk
  • Zac Garcia
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi all,

    Thank you for the deep engagement over dragging and dropping. Tabs are an important part of how work is managed in Zendesk, and we recognize that dragging and dropping is one function that can help agents organize and prioritize work. This functionality is not a near-term plan, but we will continue to account for it in our roadmap planning!

  • Tom Woodman

    This would be extremely useful.  Several times I have tried to do as such and I finally reached out to my internal IT team who shared that it was a ZD limitation and linked this thread.
    Would be great to have this feature (but then also be able to 'pin' certain tickets too)


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