Using custom ticket fields in business rules and views

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  • Jamie Danjoint

    It would be great if the "Permitted business rules and view conditions" table had a column for "View Column". I'm learning that even if a custom field type is available as a View condition, doesn't mean it is available as a View column to select. Most times I want to be able to set the field as a condition AND see the field contents within the View itself. 

    And to add one more layer, having a column that said "Available in Insights" would be extremely helpful. Some custom field types aren't available in Insights at all, others are but as Facts vs Attributes. 

    All of this plays into the decision as to what Custom Field Type you create and I've had to scrap fields that I've made and start over, because I wasn't aware of all of these elements. A bit frustrating. :) 

    If this information is already in a KB article somewhere then I apologize for the oversight! THANK YOU!

  • Katie D.
    Hello Jamie, 
    Thanks so much for your idea. The focus of this article is more centered around utilizing custom fields within the conditions of views and business rules. I do hear the need for clarification on this though! You should be able to see all custom field types (with exception of the multi-select field and credit card field) available as a column for views. Are you experiencing something different? 
    Our article on views contains more details on using custom ticket fields for columns:
    For using custom fields within Insights, this article is a great place to start. 
    Thank you again for sharing on here :)
  • Charlie Windlinger

    Would love to be able to enable multi-select fields as columns in views.


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