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To help you get started with triggers, Zendesk Support provides a standard set of triggers and mail notifications that are best practices in a typical ticket workflow. You can use these triggers as they are or clone them to make copies that you can modify and repurpose. You can deactivate these triggers if needed.

Note: On Essential, you can edit only the subject and body of notifications for default triggers. You cannot otherwise edit default triggers or create custom triggers. On Team, Professional, and Enterprise, you can use the default triggers as they are or you can clone copies to modify. You can also edit default triggers, but it's better to clone them. You can deactivate these triggers if needed.

If you are on a plan with the ability to edit triggers, you can edit the default triggers but it's better to clone them and make changes to the copies. And if you need to reset your default triggers, you can refer to the screenshots in this article to help you.

For information about creating and managing triggers, see Creating and managing triggers for ticket updates and notifications.

The article contains the following sections:

Accessing your triggers

You can see all of your triggers on the Triggers admin page.

To access your triggers
  • Click the Admin icon () in the sidebar, then select Business Rules > Triggers.

Notify requester of received request

Notifies the requester via email that their request has been received and has become a ticket.  For information on editing the email, see How do I edit the automatic response sent to someone who submits a ticket? in our Support tech notes.

Notify requester of comment update

When an agent adds a public comment to the ticket, the requester is notified via email. This is set up for public comments only, not private, internal comments.

Notify assignee of comment update

Notifies the assigned agent when a comment is added to the ticket. Comments can be either private (added by an agent) or public (added by an agent or the requester).

Notify assignee of assignment

Notifies the agent who has been assigned to a ticket of the new assignment.

Notify assignee of reopened ticket

Notifies the assigned agent of a solved ticket that the ticket was updated with a new comment by the requester and reopened.

Notify group of assignment

Notifies a group when a ticket is assigned to a group to which they belong.

Note: This trigger is not available on the Essential plan.

Notify all agents of received request

Notifies all non-restricted agents when a new ticket is created that has also not been automatically assigned.

Auto-assign to first email responding agent (inactive at signup)

Assigns the ticket to the first agent who responds with a comment.

Note: This trigger is not available on the Essential plan.

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    This is a useful article, but can it be updated with the latest screenshots.

    For example, my Notify requester of received request does not have the second condition Status - is not - solved, but I have no idea which is the latest default best practice.

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    Our default Notify requester of received request trigger doesn't seem to be working. Any ideas how to resolve this?
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    @Merethe, can you look at "Show all events" on the ticket and see if the trigger is shown as being actioned or not. Always start there. Let us know what you see. Thanks
  • 0
    Hi Colin I've checked the All Events and it looks like the other triggers are working. I did have a "No-mail" check setup for this user but removed it and the trigger still did not work. Is there anything else I could be missing?
  • 0
    Ok, if the Trigger is never fired then the conditions were not met. Look carefully at the conditions. By all means take a screenshot and post here and we will try and help.
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    I'd like to add the feedback question to a trigger of 'notify requester of solved'. I have created a new trigger with conditions matching Emily's comments above - however I cannot stop the trigger "Notify requester of comment update" from firing when tickets are solved, how do I separate the 2?



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