Configuring your Help Center to support multiple languages (Professional and Enterprise) Follow

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You must specify a default language for your Help Center and enable any languages you want to support in your Help Center. You enable Help Center languages based on the list of languages you have enabled in your Zendesk Support account.

After you enable languages for your Help Center, you can add localized content (see Localizing Help Center content), so that end users can choose the language they want in your Help Center.

Multi-language support is available on Professional and Enterprise. You must be a Help Center manager to configure Help Center to support multiple languages.

To set up Help Center for multiple languages

  1. In Help Center, click General in the top menu bar, then select Help Center settings.

  2. On the settings page, select your default language.

    You can set a default language for Help Center that's different from the agent interface in Zendesk Support.

  3. Select the additional languages you want to support from the list.

    The available languages are defined in your Zendesk Support account.

  4. If you want, enter a translated Help Center name for each of your languages.
  5. Click Update.

    Next, you need to set up your knowledge base to deliver content in your supported languages, if you haven't already done so.

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