Overview of the Zendesk Guide dashboard

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  • Thomas Hill

    A great read Rob, thanks for taking the time to break these metrics down.

    Do you know where I can find information about how Knowledge Content Activity is recorded?

    For example, if an agent comments on a ticket, but later on another agent provides a link to an KB article, does that count as an engagement for the first agent with or without a link?

    Thanks for the input!

  • Rob Stack

    Hi Thomas, I'm glad you liked the article!  I've passed your questions onto the engineering team who should be able to give the answers you need. I'll be sure to update the docs with any relevant feedback!

  • Ben Saffran

    Hi Thomas! 


    We do currently have datasets for both Answerbot and the Knowledge Capture app but we do not have a dataset for Guide events (the actual Help Center/Community link data is not recorded for example). This is something on our development teams radar for the future though! 


  • Thomas Hill

    Thanks for the replies Rob & Ben,

    Looking forward to seeing these come to fruition!

  • Lotte

    We would love to see more reporting possibilities in Explore on Guide Events (not necessarily related to the Knowledge Capture App). 

  • Nicky Lilja

    Explore is great! However we work a lot with knowledge and community and currently we still need to work in GoodData to get statistics on publishing etc.

    So we are really looking forward to having Guide events available on Explore! 

  • Elizabeth B

    Hi @Nicky Lilja - curious how you are using GoodData? I would love more data/analytics. I've added Google Analytics - but always looking for more insight, lol.

  • Nicky Lilja

    Hi Elizabeth 

    Yes, for Guide analytics we use both google analytics and GoodData, as well as Zendesk own insights. 

    In GoodData you have something called Team Publishing dashboard which is good, and you can to some extent make your own reports as well. 

    You have: 

    -Top Agent Creators (by name and # articles)

    - Top Agent Editors(name and # edits) 

    and more :)

    To answer your question How, we use Team publishing dashboad, made some reports of our own, and then we have combined it with Geckoboard to visualize it more. 

    In waiting for Explore, I think GoodData is a good tool for Guide. 

    Today for us Zendesk Support is easier to take data from and analyse because there are much more data available. It is pain when it comes to Guide, a lot of manual work, and abstracting data from many sources. 

    Thus, looking forward to Explore :)  




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