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  • Marco9000

    Charles Nadeau For End Users, we're unable to find the CUSTOM setting for password security level! 6-chars as password minimum length is not acceptable for a "High" password profile, we need at least 8 chars... How to fix that?

  • Josh
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Marco!
    Thank you for messaging us. The password length for "high" security is at minimum 6 only but they can extend it up to eight characters. Unfortunately, this cannot be altered that the minimum would be eight for end-users.
  • Marco9000

    Hi Josh, thanks for your reply and for fixing this document!

    But the problem remains: We need Custom setting for User-Agents as you originally documented here (but now corrected...). We chose Zendesk for this reason as well.  Minimum length for a "High" security profile should be AT LEAST 8, not 6!!

    Looking at literature, I see that the time it takes for a hacker to crack a 6-characters password is:

    Instantly (number only)
    Instantly (lower case letters)
    Instantly (upper and lowercase letters)
    1 second (Numers, Upper and Lower case letters)
    5 seconds (Numers, Upper and Lower case letters, symbols)

    Question: In the meantime, is it possible to have at least 2FA enabled for End Users? Josh

  • Julia

    Hi Josh,

    I would like to come back to the topic from Marco of no being able to set customer password requirements. Why does this feature not exist/can this be enabled? 6 characters is not high secured password.

    Also on the subject of 2FA, this would be important to have for end-users too.


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