Creating business rules for CCs and followers

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  • Nick Jones

    We've just migrated to the new user experience for followers and CCs, and the design choice to follow the reply convention which drops CCs is causing us immediate pain. We deal with hundreds of tickets each day, and the stakeholder expectation is that communication via tickets stays visible to all parties, and that CCs aren't dropped off by one respondent. This is captured here as a design choice of the new experience:

    We're looking for other work arounds, and wondering if triggers could be used to identify this case (of a Reply rather than a Reply All), and adding back the CCs or stopping them being removed?

  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Thanks for the heads-up, Jeff, we got it fixed!

  • Jeff Robertson

    FYI; there is a is in this article. It is in the second bullet point. it is uee opposed to see.

    Adding followers to tickets automatically using business rules

    You can add followers to tickets automatically using business rules (triggers, automations, and macros). This is done by adding action statements to the business rules.

    These are actions you can use that are related to followers:

    • In triggers, use the Add follower action.
    • In automations, uee the Ticket: Add follower action.
    • In macros, use the Add follower action.

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