Analyzing call activity with the Talk dashboard

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  • Julien POIROT MCC

    Hello. When will there be a historization of these data to be able to consult them in Explore?

  • Sara

    Hello! I want to be able to see the information in real-time per agent. 


    - Amount of calls in queue total and per agent.

    - Status and time spent in this status 

    - Previous Status and time spent in this status 

    - Total amount of declined and missed by agent calls this day when Active 


    How can I modify the dashboard to be able to see this data? 




  • Allison Ramsey-Henry

    I need to be about to view a list of the calls that make up a given statistic.  For example, if there were 3 abandoned calls how do I find out what 3 calls those were (what number called in)?   


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