Can I create a report to identify agents who haven't signed in for a while?

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  • Operator AV-1544

    This is actually not helpful at all.  Based on the subject line, you would think that it would provide you with a list of all your agents and last time they logged in. 

    Unfortunately, it does not.  If you follow this article, it will never show you the results if the agent has never logged in.

    I have yet to find a simple report that lists all your agents and their activity (Zendesk has a tendency not to show the agent if there is no activity - which is weird bec that is what most people would want to see).

    still searching for answers.

  • Marco
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi! That's a good question. I've been testing it out and looks like this is not possible at the moment. Technically, the value would not be 0 for agents who have had no activity, since a "time since last login" being 0 would mean that the agent just logged in. Normally there would be a way to include 0 values in a query, but that would not apply in this case. I would recommend posting this as a feature request though. I understand that there would be a need for this and it would be great if our product managers are made aware that there is a need for this feature. Thanks! 
  • Jon

    I'm not sure the advice for building this report is correct. Adding a filter for 'assignee role' slows the report load down significantly. Whereas if you look at the metric provided 'time since user login' it's based on the REQUESTER sign in date and status. 

    Also by filtering by role alone, I am presented with lots of historical agents that aren't even in the system as end users anymore (they are deleted but still appear in reporting for legacy purposes). 

    Therefore by using 'requester role = admin, agent' & 'requester status = active' filters I am able to get the desired results of active staff only and the number of days since they last logged in (with blank days for those who have never logged in).

    Lastly, I use 'requester name' and 'requester organization' for rows to get the desired output display.

    Hope this info is helpful for someone!


  • Jamey DeLuzio

    Jon Thanks, that worked perfectly.  The only issue I had is that the roll of Agent also includes Light Agents (which I don't care about in this context).  I just added the Requester name as a filter, and it gives me what I need.  I wish Zendesk would provide log in / out stats for agents as part of a standard report.  


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