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  • VIVOTEK Admin

    In Zendesk Support, I have create a lot of ticket form, and different group. Is it possible limit the agent(in one of the group ) only can view one ticket form and set as default? It means that some agent or group can't see some specific ticket form.

  • Jason Schaeffer

    Hi Ping,

    There is no way to restrict the ticket form to a group (or set of groups), you could use a trigger that identifies any update where an assignee attempts to use a ticket form that they are not allowed to use based on their group. This same logic can be used to prevent agents that support different brands from using a ticket form that belongs to a different brand. In this case, each brand would be supported by a specified group, these groups would then be restricted to specific forms as desired.

    There is more information on this in the article below:


    I hope that helps!

    Jason Schaeffer | Customer Advocate |


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