Archiving ticket email notifications (Enterprise)

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  • Joe Sibley

    Can more than one be set up?

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Joe -

    Can you clarify your question? What are you trying to set up more than one of?

  • Joe Sibley

    Our use case is HR.  The idea of having all of HR have one big archive is a bad idea.  We don't want one group know what other groups are involved in, especially when we have payroll and accommodations.  Could we have an archive for payroll and another for accommodations and so on?  We want to keep thing separate.  

  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hi Joe,

    There doesn't appear to be a way to set up separate emails for Ticket Archiving within Zendesk Support, unfortunately. The only other possible solution is to set up forwarding/routing rules on the email provider side instead which would need to be handled by whoever manages the HR inbox.

    Apologies for not being able to provide another solution at this time :-/

    If you have any other questions feel free to let us know!


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