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  • Ernesto

    Rich content option was way overdue! Bye bye Markdown! Thanks Zendesk.

  • Andrew Sevin

    Are there plans to add some sort of agent collision feature to the mobile app?  Maybe it is there and I missed it but I do not believe I can tell when other agents are working on a ticket from the Android mobile app.

  • Rachel

    We've found that when an agent manually sorts a column in a view, play mode will then function in that order.  Is there a way to make sure Play mode only works in the default sort order of the view?

  • Jonny

    Hey Rachel,

    Thanks for your question!

    When the view columns are manually sorted, the Play mode functions in the order the columns were sorted in. Based on my testing results, I do not see an option to adjust this otherwise, as it just the way the app was designed :) 

    Kind regards,



  • Helvijs Vigners

    Is there a way to display the amount of tickets left in the PLAY queue when working in Play mode?

  • Rebecca

    Hi Helvijs, 

    I wish I had better news however this is not something that is possible at this time when using guided mode. I am not exactly sure why this is the case from a technical standpoint, however I could foresee some limitations in that Support does not auto refresh and a live ticket counter of remaining ticket would require some type of live refresh functionality to function effectively.  

    However I will make this as a feature request for our Product team to track. 

  • Christina Fountain

    Hey Team! 

    Just want to chime in here because I'm getting a lot of concern around play mode from my org. 

    We have 3 levels of priority for our inbound tickets from API/Contact us: Urgent, High, Low. My expectation is that urgent tickets get served first always, then high then normal. If only normals are in the view and one urgent pops up that urgent then gets served. 

    From what I see in the comments this should be true - unless the agent manually sorts the view for some reason. 

    Am I understanding this correctly? 


    Also, how does the 5 minute view refresh impact play mode? If I am an agent working tickets and there are 5 normal tickets one minute and 5 urgent tickets the next I expect my agent will be served the urgent. But should I expect a lag here? 

    Thanks for your help? 

  • Michel

    Hello Christina,

    Thank you for contacting us with your views question.

    Regarding your questions, yes! You are right, If your views are sorted by priority as you described, then the order of served tickets will be Urgent > High > Normal.

    As for the lag, the way the refresh works in play mode the view is updated every 5 minutes. Now, if a ticket is created at minute 1 of these 5 minutes, it will not appear to your agent in the play mode and would assign an existing ticket to him till these initial 5 minutes are over. Then, once he updates that ticket 5 minutes after he got it he will get the urgent ticket.

    An important thing to notice, is that this 5 minutes refresh in play mode, is per agent, not per view. So if you have multiple agents working on tickets in this view, they could as well grab it as soon as it is in the view.

    I hope this helps you understand your ticket workflow by using the play button. If you have any other question, feel free to contact us.

  • Carlos Flores

    One of my agents is reporting that her tickets are being aggregated together and then she has to select a ticket from a drop down 

    What she is seeing.


    what I see 

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hey Carlos!

    One of my colleagues saw this same issue today. She cleared her browser cache and cookies, and the problem resolved itself.

    If your agent is still seeing this after clearing cache and cookies send a ticket to Support so we can take a closer look!

  • Mindaugas Verkys

    For play-mode you wrote: Depending on your administrator-configured settings, you might also be required to enter a reason for skipping the ticket. Enter a reason in the window that appears and click Skip again.

    There are no option to require reason or not. If it's exist can you tell me where?




  • Graeme Carmichael


    I believe the wording is a little off here. There is no option to require play only agents to enter a skip reason. They are asked for a reason, but entering a comment is not mandatory.

    In the Agent's profile under the 'Play Only' tab, you can view the instances where they have skipped tickets and not entered a reason.

  • Sean C

    It'd be nice to see greater consistency here: Strange and awkward not being able to jump into Play Mode or use "Next available" when working a one-off. 

  • Frank Panzarino

    Is there a way to delete an update to a ticket?  For instance, if you put an update into the wrong ticket or incorrect information in a ticket.

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hey Frank - 

    The ticket comments are considered a System of Record, and for that reason, comments cannot be deleted or edited. There is, however, a redaction app, which you can use to block out irrelevant or sensitive information in a comment. 

  • Guillaume

    Is it posible, when we are in a ticket or using play mode, to know how many tickets left we have in this view?



  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Guillaume, 

    Play mode is great for helping agents get through tickets, but it does not offer the ability to see what's left in the view. 


  • Alejandra Soni

    Hi! If one of our customers has several open/pending tickets at a time, is there a place where they can check that somehow? Or is that tracked only through email? 

  • Mindaugas Verkys

    @Alejandra if your help center is active end-users can sign-in and see all their personal and organization tickets (depends on your settings)

  • Alejandra Soni

    @Mindaugas, thanks for the reply! Where can we edit the settings to allow our end users to sign in?

  • Arthur Hertweck

    This play feature is neat, I really wish our admins (Becky and Alex) would have communicated this sooner.

  • Zachary Smith

    Is it possible to change the color of the eye ball in the agent collision section? If a light agent or manager is looking we still want to have the agent take the ticket and not skip over it

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    It's not something you can customize at this time, Zachary, but that is a neat idea! 

  • Pedro Rodrigues

    How long until an agent is set to "idle"?

  • Stephen Fusco

    Hey Pedro, 

    Inactivity will not trigger an idle status only navigating away from a ticket. Navigating away from a ticket can include actions such as viewing a different tab or navigating to the view page.

    If the agent is on the ticket but not doing anything they will simply have a "Viewing" status attributed to them. 

    Thanks for your question! 




  • Susy

    Hello! I really like the Play feature but it pulls from the most recently received ticket rather than the oldest. It doesn't make sense to respond to the newest tickets first when older support requests are waiting - can this be adjusted?

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Susy -

    The Play feature will adhere to whatever the sort order in the view is. All you need to do is reverse the sort order so you're starting with the oldest ticket in your view.

    If you need more details on that, you can check out this article:

    Working with tickets: using the play button


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