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    Vinodh Kannan

    Hey Jessie,

    I'm trying to find who commented each comments on a ticket.
    for example first comment is done by end-user and second comment is by agent.
    if there are multiple comments shared by end-user and agent.

    then how to find who commented each comment?
    I'm able to get the comment_id and author_id of each comment via data api call. how to figure out it's a end-user's or agent's comment with this information?

    or is there any easy way to find out?


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    Jake Bantz

    Hi Vinodh,

    You could side-load the user info when you make your API call. For example if you hit the /audits.json?include=users endpoint, the user info loads with the ticket and user info. You can grab more info on side-loading in our API documentation here. The side-loaded information will include the users' roles as well as plenty of other information.

    Hope this does the trick for you!

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    If our trigger responds after the comment has been updated, but the user indicates that they never got a response, is it safe to assume that the comment/ticket update went to spam?

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    There are several things you'll want to check. You'll want to make sure that the trigger is, in fact, firing. You can make sure that it did by clicking on the Show all events button at the top of the conversation thread in your ticket. You'll be able to verify that the notification trigger fired in the details that will appear under the comment.

    Depending on how the ticket was generated in your Zendesk, you'll also want to verify that the request's email address is correct in their user profile.

    If both of those items check out, then you'll want to have the customer check their spam folder.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions!

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    Manuel Nieto

    How can we pickup user information using placeholders?

    I reviewed but found no reference to "Location", "IP Address" nor "User Agent".

    Thanks in advance for comments.

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Manuel!

    That information isn't available through placeholders. Can you tell me more about what you're trying to accomplish?

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    Karyn Tooke

    In the User information its a bit unclear what browser the user is using, e.g. how can they be using Chrome as well as safari - surely its one or the other?

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    The browser information provided in the audit log is the user agent string. This is a standard string that is widely used to provide insights to the operating system and browser being used when an action occurred. In the Zendesk audit log, it is providing information on the requestor's environment when the ticket was created. There are multiple third party tools that you can use to analyze this string and gather more information- for example 

    As far as displaying both Google Chrome and Safari- what is likely happening here is the ticket was submitted via Chrome, however Chrome uses elements of Apple's Mac environment, including Safari's framework, to allow Chrome to work in Apple environments. 

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    Mike Woodard

    Is there a way to see this information for a ticket that has been deleted? I have some deleted tickets that I don't understand how they got deleted.

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    Hi Mike- 

    Once a ticket is deleted there is not a means to view information on it in the Zendesk agent interface, and further, it is not recoverable. 

    However, if you are on the Enterprise plan, you can see a record and the agent actor of deleted tickets in the Audit log. This can be found in Zendesk Admin Settings> Account> Audit Log. 

    If you are not on the Enterprise plan, we may be able to provide some insight as to when and who a ticket was deleted by from our internal audit. I'd recommend submitting a ticket to us and we can go from there. 

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    Dale Adeva

    Hello, I badly need help.

    Is there a way we can view or track all the users that had Viewed a certain ticket?
    What if they didn't make any modifications that did not trigger any event change or modification? is there a way to track these users accessing or viewing a specific ticket?

    Many Thanks!


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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Dale!

    I'm fairly certain this isn't possible, but I'm going to double check on it for you.

    In the meantime, can you give some more detail on why you would need to be able to do this? There may be other solutions available for you.

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    Ryan Winkler

    Hey Dale,

    Unfortunately we do not have that level of granular history on tickets. The events log is the extent of what is recorded and viewable. The only thing that you can indeed see is the agent collision icon (indicating if someone is on a ticket presently), but this is not recorded anywhere unfortunately.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!

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    I am trying to identify the IP address of the user who submitted a ticket but I can't find the option "Show all events" mentioned in this article. 


    I clicked the Conversations drop-down and selected Events. But after that, I can't find the IP.


    IP address of the user is critical to troubleshoot bugs. It should be very easy to find.

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Leonardo!

    You should be able to see the IP address, as well as machine and browser information if available, in small grey text at the bottom of each ticket event, as shown in the screencaps above. Would you be able to send a screenshot of what you're looking at?

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    Hi Jessi,

    As you can see from the attached image, there is no IP address of the user who opened the ticket.

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    Krista Wass

    Should this functionality show if an agent has unassigned a ticket?


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    Nicole - Community Manager

    Hey Krista - 

    Which piece of functionality are you referring to? 

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    Roger Bolton

    Is there a way to click and see an individual ticket in oldest to newest history top to bottom?  If a conversation chain on a ticket gets long and a manager needs to review the ticket, its much easier to be able to understand what has happened if we can view it with the oldest events at the top.



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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Roger!

    I'm afraid it's not possible to change the order of the comments in a ticket; you'd need to scroll down to the bottom and go up from there.

    It's an interesting idea, though! I checked in our Product Feedback forum and didn't see a suggestion for this functionality in the agent interface, so I'd definitely encourage you to head over and create a post to share your idea with our Product Managers. It's really helpful for them to understand how our customers use Zendesk. We've even put together a post with some tips and sample questions you can use to ensure you're providing the most helpful feedback possible! You can find that here.

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