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    If we port a number from our current provider to Talk - how doe usage charges work? What does the monthly cost look like? 

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    Nicole - Community Manager

    Hey Tablo - 

    We aren't able to answer pricing or billing questions in Knowledge Base comments or the Community. I'll create a ticket to connect you with someone in our sales department to get an answer to your question - look for an email from me shortly! 

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    Elvis Vusić (Edited )


    Could you let me know if it's possible to use our own virtual numbers for Talk instead of Twilio's, as we have many resources of our own and can't use third-party resources? I presume we could implement a porting of our existing numbers quite easily, there is only the question if you are allowing non-Twilio virtual resources.

    If call forwarding to Zendesk is a more preferred option for this, please let us know what is the best practice in these situations.

    Looking forward to your reply.

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Elvis! 

    I see you're getting help with this in a ticket. We'll take care of you there!

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    Julia Strunk

    Hi this is very confusing?  It says that you need to port your number over to Twilio but then lower on the page here: https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/215118307-Porting-numbers-into-Zendesk-Talk#PortingfromexistingTwilio it says if you have your number already on Twilio to port it to Zendesk?  So do I  port our numbers to Zendesk OR to Twilio???  And if I need to port them to Zendesk it does not say how to do that on here?  My numbers (toll free and local numbers) are with Line2 right now.  Please can someone help me with this?

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    Jose Gonzales

    Hello Julia,

    Twilio is the telephony service provider that ZenDesk uses. The instructions above are several sets of directions depending on where you number is currently hosted (with another carrier, with Twilio and a service besides ZenDesk, already with ZenDesk but moving to a new ZenDesk Account, etc.). If you need to port your number into ZenDesk from Line2, follow this set of instruction:

    Step 1: Submit docs to Zendesk customer service team

    To get started, send an email to support@zendesk.com that contains the following: 

    • Name of the person requesting the port. Note that this request should come from the Support account owner. If the owner of the Twilio number being transferred in is different from the Support owner, they must be added as a CC on the ticket to authorize the transfer of this number.
    • Billing address
    • Business address (if different from billing)
    • Zendesk subdomain
    • Type of number (Google Voice, Landline or VoIP, Toll-free, Wireless)
    • The list of numbers you'd like to port. 
    • If you're porting from Google Voice, you also need to unlock the number you're porting following the instructions in Transfer your number out of Google Voice . Attach a screenshot of your account settings showing the number is unlocked.
    • Attached completed copy of the Twilio Letter of Authorization (LOA)
    • Attached scanned or electronic PDF copy of the most recent phone bill (within the last 30 days) that includes the account owner/authorized user name, address, and numbers you're requesting in this port.
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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Thanks for jumping in to help, Jose!

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    Jose Gonzales

    No problem! =) Just happened to be viewing the article myself for porting and thought I'd chime in! Hope that is alright.

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    It's more than alright! We love it when folks help their fellow Zendesk users. :) I hope you stick around!

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