Can views be refreshed automatically?

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  • Snoody McDoobles

    This was the reason we went with Freshdesk many years back. Now I'm having problems with them and would like to use Zendesk, but it looks like this still isn't a feature :(

    Our agents should be using Zendesk as their primary view, and shouldn't have to continue to mash F5 on their keyboard just to see if anything new comes up.

    Why isn't this a feature yet? Is it a technical implementation issue or does Zendesk think it's not something that makes sense?

  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi "Snoody" - 

    The product team is aware of this request and sees the value in it. However there are some heavy technical lifts that would be required in order to implement it, and because of that and since there are other ways to refresh the page, it has not been prioritized on the roadmap ahead of other more pressing issues. 

  • Andrew Schreiner

    +1 Vote for this. We need this functionality in the product natively.

  • Andreas Prehn Christensen

    Feels like Zendesk don't realise how big of a deal this is, or is ignoring the fact because of the "heavy technical lifts" that is required, or maybe not having the right team to lift that, and if that is the case, pay some friends to do it.

    This is a big deal, and the request have been around for years now.

  • Peter Trebek

    We also came to test Zendesk and seeing that there is no refresh for Dashboard and Tickets like in GMAIL we doubt can we use it as we want.


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