Can views be refreshed automatically?

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  • Kyle Madden

    +1 for this request. Automatic refreshing of views should be standard feature, it's available out of the box in tools like Helpscout, Freshdesk, and Happyfox.

    We're currently transiting from Helpscout to Zendesk, and our team was honestly surprised by this short coming as we moved over.

    As a more robust enterprise product, I'd expect Zendesk to be as fast in updating views as other tools, and as we're currently running both concurrently, Helpscout is notably faster in receiving, sending, and updating views. 

  • Robert Hofer

    It's a real shame that such an essential feature is not available!
    @Zendesk, if you implement this, there is almost nothing to criticize.

  • Sophie Hurst

    This is also a big issue for us, we have very strict SLA's and if something gets stuck in suspended and we do not see it then it causes a big problem.

    Has anyone used the Auto refresh App to overcome this?

  • Brenden Bennett

    My team and I have been using the Zendesk Auto Refresh extension for Chrome for the past year, and it has worked great, but as of last night, it appears that an update from Zendesk has broken this extension as well as other Auto Refresh extensions. If updates are going to block these extensions from working, then the feature absolutely MUST be built into Zendesk with the option to either turn it off or adjust the time intervals for the seemingly few people who wouldn't want their views to refresh automatically. Bashing F5 on our keyboards or clicking into other views that have nothing to do with a particular team's day-to-day work is not an acceptable work-around. 

  • Dan Howe

    The auto refresh in extension in chrome has been acting erratic over the past few weeks, making it very easy for us to miss tickets that come through. Is this being addressed? @... @...?

  • We depend on the auto refresh chrome extension (for Views) to meet our very demanding 10 minute first-reply SLAs. It stopped working a month ago and there is no feature native to the product to replace it. My organization needs this.

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi all - 

    Just a reminder that the proper place to make feature requests and share product feedback is in the community. There is not currently an active feature request related to auto refresh in the feedback forum; I would encourage someone to start one there and link back here for everyone to vote on. 

    Here are the product feedback guidelines and info on how to write an effective feedback post. 

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi all, here's the feedback thread to add to for this issue: 

    Automatic Refresh in Views


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