Using the Slack for Zendesk Support integration

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  • Mat Kelley

    I have just tried to integrate this - in slack however there is no drop down menu for chosing channel. What am I missing?

  • Thomas Verschoren
    Community Moderator


    Reading through the documentation I see this note:

    Only channels that the Zendesk app has been invited to appears in the drop-down options. To add additional channels, see To add the app to a private channel and To add the app to another public channel.

    Might this solve your problem?

  • Tyler Tew

    @... see you've made a few comments in the past about a new integration. I've got a couple of questions on that.

    Will this new integration support custom ticket forms? The ability to ensure that certain details are always included in tickets/requests would be appreciated.

    Is this new integration in the works currently? If so, can you share what sort of timeline you're aiming for?

  • David Gillespie
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi @...,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    We are looking at ways we could surface a custom ticket form in Slack in the new Slack integration. Unfortunately we're still working through our solution and scope so I can't give a definite date or confirmation for when this will be ready, but we are looking at it. 



  • Jeremy Smythe

    I've run into an issue when doing Create a ticket, I choose the group I want (only have 3) but it seems all the tickets are going to the Default group. Create a ticket shows all 3 groups. But everything is getting assigned to Default. 

  • Cheeny Aban
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Jeremy,

    I would suggest that you reach out to our Customer Support so we can take a closer look into your integration and check what could have possibly assigned the ticket to the default group instead of your desired group.


  • Casey


    Is there anyway for the ticket created via the Slack Channel and it's comment to automatically post as an internal note as opposed to a public comment?


  • Jan DG
    Hi Casey, 

    The native Zendesk-Slack integration does not offer the functionality of setting the first comment as an internal note on new tickets. Here are some alternatives:
    1. You can manually switch the comment into Internal Note in the UI once the ticket is created, Changing a ticket comment from public to private (standard agent interface). Or if you use Agent Workspace, you can go into Events and Convert to internal note is available per comment. Here's how it looks:

    2. You can check third-party integrations like Zapier which could have features specific to what you need.

    We'll definitely send a word out once such a feature becomes available so stay tuned. 😁️ 

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