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  • Dean Wilson

    Totally agree with all of the above.

    I'm sure there are still many more users who operate the same way that are yet to investigate the changes or will only find out once the change is implemented.

    Even though we are only a small Zendesk client (although we do run Sell as well), this type of change will have a big impact on how we work.

    What seems worse is that no-one with any authority from Zendesk wants to get involved in this discussion or really listen tot he feedback. Might be time to move.

  • Gábor Körtvélyessy

    Read through the entire thread and based on the past 10 years of experience with Zendesk and many interactions with their support team I have to agree with everyone here. Zendesk seems to be out of touch with at least a big part of their customer base - those providing support by email. Missing features that would improve agent efficiency do not get added. Instead existing functionality gets deprecated. My impression is that by seeking out additional markets the old - and very loyal! - customer base gets pushed out. A good products gets turned into a bad one instead of improving it - what a colossal waste of development resources!

    It's a step we tried to avoid for a long time, but finding a service that fulfils our needs instead of trying to be hip is a topic that is back on my desk. Really, I'd love to rather spend my time providing value to our customers, but Zendesk makes this increasingly harder.

  • Henrik Visby

    I absolutely dislike the new "look/feel".

    The way you reply back to emails, show emails etc. feels so off.

    I would go as far as saying I was 17% or more effective in the old version rather than this new look...

    The new mode doesn't suit any customer that works tickets in email only mode.

  • Alex Mora

    This has been an ongoing and increasing problem for Zendesk. They keep messing with the UI to make it buzzword compliant, then forcing the stuff down our throats. The wrecked the mobile app a couple years ago. They(customer support) said the same nonsense then, sorry you don't like it, we don't care, get used to it, posed in two faced double speak like "if you try it out for a while I sure you will learn to love it"

    They are trying to manage and ignore the problem instead of fix it. Our organization has already moved 2 of 3 of out divisions over to another vendor. I will miss some the features of Zendesk, but the writing is on the wall. Much like vmware the management is comitted to a long slow death march as the destroy their own customer base.

    Zendesk's biggest selling point for us was in the powerfully configurable user interface, views, and reports. With every major release they strip more of that configurability out and replace it with a "one size fits" version that only fits a subset of their customers, and freqently breaks the Agent ui's useability. The iPad app wastes most of the screen and requires multiple extra steps to update or close a ticket. That's man-hours we'd be paying for if our staff hadn't just refused to use it. This new UI change is bad enough we moved off the platform. I understand that they can't maintain both code bases indefinitely, but stonewalling and doubling down on the worse of the two because they failed to do requirements analysis or think about the impact to their customers isn't a reason for MY organization to renew.

    I wish you all the best of luck, though we will be here a bit longer till either our contract runs out or the last biz group joins the great peace out. Keep pummeling them here and on the socials they seem to care about so much. r/sysadmin might  be another to get the word out. Mangers can only take so much pounding before they issue the inevitable apologies.

  • Matthew Ghazal

    This is obscenely frustrating. Our company does not use chat or any other kind of support. We just use email, and for email purposes the standalone support view is so much better. There are also minor quality of life issues, like (as others have pointed out) the sort order of the thread being oldest to newest, and the fact that the fields are more spaced out in the context view, wasting a bunch of space.

    Any thread of loyalty I had to Zendesk has been lost at this point. I'd like to say it explicitly: I am going to do everything I can to switch our team away from Zendesk and towards a company that actually serves their customers.

  • Jest Paint - Santi

    Also, @Jonathan Aniano  PLEASE make your chat bot not to ask us to log in after we are already loged in and to allow as many characters as we want when explaining an issue. Right now it only allows 128 characters (without even showing how many characters we have used), which force us to re phrase the issue a thousand times until we reach the threshold,  and to try and resume the  issue into 128 characters, or finally copying the issue into Microsoft Word to see the character count and phrase it there to then paste it on the bot, to then still be giving the option to write 5000 characters if we want. Let me write the entire issue at once. SIMPLICITY.
    Took me 10 minutes today to find a way to contact an agent, do you have any idea of how frustrating is that? I know your company wants to save on agents and push us through automated bots and articles. We know we have those if we need to and we will use them when we know they are helpful. But for when I need an agent I usually need it fast, I don't have time to waste trying to find the path that will take me there. It makes your company look cheap, and not customer oriented. Zendesk is a CRITICAL part of our companies, not some random add on. When we need help, we need it FAST and easy to find. And better Yet, by PHONE with HUMANS.

    I am a MUCH smaller company than Zendesk, one with a MUCH smaller budget, and yet I offer my customers the option to contact me through real not automated chat RIGHT from the home page on my site and provide them with a direct line with no phone tree directly to our support agents. But I don't have to respond to shareholders trying to make them more millionaires, I just accept a small cut on my paycheck so my customers have a better experience and so I hire more support agents.

  • Kevin Maughan

    I'd like to add my voice to the displeasure of being offered an *upgrade* that undermines the basic UI flow for email based ticket management in favor of chat/messaging.  Choosing winners and losers within your customer base doesn't strike me a strategic unless you are actively interested in winnowing out your luddite customers that have the temerity to still value email-based support.  Strikes me as development disconnected from the real world ... without an interest in doing the heavy lifting to make this a win-win for all customers.

  • Betty Yuen-Torres

    Yes, screenshots of the changes and workflow would be extremely helpful! Will any old data be lost??

  • Gábor Körtvélyessy

    Hello JJ Miclat,

    what does the following mean?

    We hear you, the positions of the conversation log and the composer have swapped places, and the order of messages in the conversation log is now oldest-to-newest, top-to-bottom.

    For all of us that support exclusively via email, does it mean that we now do have the option to put the composer at the top and to see the newest messages at the top in Agent Workspace?

    And also, why don't you provide ALL customers with an Agent Workspace sandbox? This would help alleviate fears, allow teams to be prepared for the migration, and gives everyone the chance to give relevant feedback before being thrown in the deep end with an interface that makes their work harder.

    Regarding the improvements in TTR and FRT, could it be that accounts that rely on messaging etc. did see an improvement, while accounts that handle more complex issues via email have hesitated with the switch?

  • ILGM Sr Tech Specialist

    Yes, please switch it back. Whoever came up with this idea, clearly doesn't understand user interfaces in the flow of data in a communications thread. This is 100% unnatural!

  • Jonathan Aniano
    Zendesk SVP, Product

    Hi Onur - Consider your feedback formally submitted! Thank you for your comments. I've passed this along to the team and I know we are actually working through designs and solutions for all of these.

    As for the listening sessions, we'll post here with timing and instructions.



  • Sander

    I complete and without reservation agree with Sam Wise
    The legacy system works and we like it.  The last 'upgrade' was terrible on so many levels that it literally caused our call centre to blow up as we could not navigate it fast enough.  There really was nothing redeemable about it.  Nothing like trying to explain to the CEO how ZD was changed without our knowledge or our permissions.

    BTW - how is ZenDesk getting along with solving the call display issue?  Don't even get me started on the hit and miss texting functionality

  • Monica Sandler

    David B. (L2) Any chance you can show us some screen shots? Now that you have gone down the rabbit hole, there is no turning back right? THAT is another needle in my thigh in this whole thing. No beta testers, no live pilot group, but also NO TURNING BACK, no choice. Guess what, my CEO owns our company and we will make our own choices and potentially take our dollars elsewhere, as others have said. 

  • Diana

    I thought I was alone at hating the new layout. Having the typing box right at the top is a super useful location, switching to any other way can only be seen as a downgrade, and I'm clearly not alone here. We've tried switching our team to the agent workspace on more than one instance, and switched it back because everything was less functional and useful than on the regular layout, and agents complained that their work was made harder and now involved more steps. 

    This isn't an upgrade, and it's quite curious that you're forcing a downgraded mechanism to users who clearly don't appreciate it. Is this setup cheaper for you guys, or something? 

  • Cassandra Hunt

    We were just forced to the new Agent Workspace, this is extremely frustrating.  We do not utilize chat and socials.  The entire design is upside down which is hard to learn when you are taking live calls back to back, and the action box where we write our external reply's to our clients in support tickets used to default back to internal once sent.  Now when you send an external email it stays external, maximizing  the risk of an Agent sending the following internal documentation note out to a client. Also, when we are drafting our emails in internal and we flip to external to send, now everything deletes.  NOT A FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rakuten TV


    I totally agree with my colleagues.

    This change is not intended for anyone who uses Zendesk primarily or just for messaging.
    This, more than an improvement, seems like a regression for those who do not use multichannel.
    I am very disappointed that we are forced to go through this change, it is not intuitive at all and for our business model, the speed of response is lost. I prefer not to mention the visual part...

  • Amund Haldorsen

    And that's exactly the same answer I got... :-( 

  • Sam Wise


    I DO NOT WISH TO BE MIGRATED TO AGENT WORK SPACE. WE WISH TO STICK WITH THE LEGACY SYSTEM . THAT IS WHAT WE PAID FOR. NOT SURE WHY WE HAVE BEEN MIGRATED. CAN SOMEONE please HELP us.   and Roll us out of this migration from legacy to WOrkspace. WE wish to stick with previous Chat PLease help us someone. 

  • Michael M. Adams

    @zendesk I'm not sure you have received one comment that is excited about this drastic move. Its imperative that the reply box to the top of the ticket interface, why is this not considered before you pull the plug on the old UI.

  • Sander

    Please give us the option of staying with the Legacy ZD user interface. 

    We were forced to make the switch to the new workspace and we unanimously HATED it.   

    Luckily ZD support was able to revert us to the old UI but we don't want the new version and we don't need the new version.

  • Scott Patterson

    So from reading this thread and how every comment is against a forced move, it sounds like this got delayed. We're now told the force move will be in March - but can we get any confirmation that the issues people have raised will be addressed?


    The main issue is the order of messages, especially for email only customers (myself included). The fact that the forced moves were delayed and you've had roudtables etc. should mean you'll address it? Or are you just waiting for people to give up complaining and then continue doing the same thing?


    Most of the other benefits listed are already available in the existing interface with sidebar apps etc., so really the move is just going to make us less productive regardless of how many buzzwords you try and throw in to make it sound better.


    Some confirmation  that things are actually going to be addressed before next March would be great.



  • Diana

    Guys, I've realized, this probably is a money thing for them. They worked really hard to make this new layout, but now their support team has to be well versed on two different versions of the system. They probably got tired of having to be trained on both and just decided to keep the one they liked better.

    What software review websites is Zendesk on? 

  • Shlomo Partouche-Sebban

    Dear Zendesk Support Team,

    We are using Zendesk for almost 13 years. 
    I am writing to request your assistance with the new interface. We have to switch to the new Workspace interface, but it is not adapted to the way we are working. We are working in email only mode. We are experiencing difficulties with the new interface and would like to request your help in resolving these issues. The new interface doesn't seem to suit the way we work today.

    Could you please provide us with some guidance on how we can adapt to the new interface? We would appreciate any assistance you can provide.

    Thank you for your time and attention.

  • Sander

    Similarly, why can't ZD solve the caller ID issue.  So many of our customers are not picking up as it shows as Toll Free and they think it is a robocall.


  • Víctor Báez Camargo

    99% of the tickets in my company come from API. This change is, somehow affecting it. We will be better off without the change if you can do that for us please. Otherwise, you're getting us in big, big trouble.

  • Mucci Marinucci

    Hi all,

    As an admin in our ZD Support instance at our company, I too want to voice my concerns with being forced to upgrade to an experience that will not benefit us, but rather seem to only introduce frustration and be more of a disruption. We are setup to only serve our company employees (internal support from IT) and we only need the Support experience as we only have the email channel enabled (we support via the web portal and emails). We have no need or use for any other chat or messaging channels. I can appreciate the new interface for those companies that utilize some or all of these features, as this new experience combines all these channels and features into one global UI and UX. However, we have no need for this, and unfortunately now I need to pivot and learn about agent workspace, confirm it will not break any of our configs or integrations, and prepare all my other admins and agents for this forced upgrade and new experience in a week, when I don't have the bandwidth.

    Please reconsider forcing this experience upgrade on your customers. I don't know how Zendesk picks which customers will be forced into this experience, but you should reconsider how you make this determination and factor your customers' experiences and opinions into it.

  • Carla Mitchell

    I have gone through all the comments on this string plus the ones on Agent Workspace - various issues.

    It gives me no confidence in moving to this new Agent Workspace!  We are primarily an email support team - we dont use chat bots or direct chat channels to talk to our clients. We do NOT need these "extra's".  All that I have read shows that this part of their "Agent Workspace" has been downgraded/less efficient.

    • email responses where latest is at the bottom ... (Seriously??) This may have been addressed although it's very hard to tell with the feedback from Zendesk
    • swapping between external and internal comments - takes 2 clicks now instead of 1 - really??  This is as of April 2023 but no further comments

    Can we at least get an update on where email support stands on this new "agent workforce agent'?  What are the differences between legacy and the new interface?  


  • Mucci Marinucci

    Thanks Gabor! I did just that and was able to be removed from the list for the forced upgrade. I'm just awaiting confirmation from our CSM. Thanks again!

  • Cassandra Hunt

    Lisa-Kelly When we are drafting our email in the internal setting, and then click external to send the email, the information disappears.  It remains saved back on the internal setting.  This is a nuances and causes extra steps.  Further, the did locate the Draft mode for the external setting since now it stays in that mode, but again this create extra steps.  We are a very high volume support center.  The interface moving the most recent message to the bottom of the screen is not user friendly at all.  Our team is 100% unhappy with the forced change.  What steps do we need to take to be moved back to the old interface?

  • Nick Lauer

    Anyone aware of any alternative products that have not gone stupid?

    Forcing your customers to use an inferior product after getting them used to something entirely different seems like a bait-n-switch. We are definitely going to be looking for any and all alternatives as ZD seems to have lost the plot on what their customers actually want vs what ZD "THINKS" we want.


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