Setting up notification routing for messaging

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  • Hayley Johnson

    Has anybody worked out how you can change the notification behaviour of the messenger channel tickets based on SLA's set? 


    I have flow builder in place which decides if a ticket needs to have a live agent assigned and the SLA is 2 minutes, or it tells the customer we have opened a ticket and the SLA is set at 8 hours. 

    We have omni channel in place to distribute tickets based on priority and SLA 

    But, because all messages are coming in via the messenger channel when the customer submits their request via flowbuilder all of the tickets are pinging the live chat to say a customer is waiting for a chat even though the SLA is set to 8 hours. This is meaning the wrong customers are getting the priority of my team and older tickets are being de-prioritised as a result. Any advice would be welcome! 

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Hayley,

    This is just an overview on what we are using on our end. Due to the Conversation button does not have the capability to check SLA, we are using specific view to get our tickets. For example, we have a view for Urgent tickets and another view for normal priority tickets.

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