Analyzing your Answer Bot Activity

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  • Ozan Can Köseley

    If user clicks on Answer Bot offered article but doesn't select whether the article helped or not. In this case, how do you consider that? Is it still resolved case? What is the rule here?

  • Geoff Williams

    I'm curious about historical records. Can Gooddata be used to generate custom reports that target specifically tickets that have received an answer bot response, or have been solved using answer bot month over month. Or is reporting on answer bot specifically limited to insights?

  • Daniela Catarino

    I'm trying to estimate how many times the tickets that were solved by the Answer Bot were reopened, is there a specific report for that, or do I simply build a report on Gooddata using the attributes "# Answer Bot resolutions" and "# Tickets Reopened" ?

    We're starting to realise that often when the customer clicks to say that the article was helpful, he doesn't understand that he's be solving his own ticket by doing that. As a result, we've been receiving some Bad CSATs saying that we never answered to their question...

  • Terry Knox

    We're in the same boat as Daniela - is there any planned reporting/functionality to deal with reopens, or do we just need to account for these situations in our own processes and reporting? 

  • Madhavan Buddha

    We are able to capture tickets only when Answerbot answers correctly i.e. only when the end user clicks "Yes, the article was helpful". But, we don't get any tickets if the user clicks "No, the article did not help" or simply doesn't select any response (even if responses may have been correct). So, we don't know how many times Answerbot  answered incorrectly/provided unsatisfactory responses nor how many times end users did not select any feedback response. The dialogue/transcript between Answerbot and end user is not available in the database. Could you fix this or suggest where we can get this insight ?

  • Mirjam Happel

    I would like to be able to filter on Answer Bot answers given by email, chat or on the webform. To be able to measure the effectiveness (and counter-effectiveness) of Answer Bot on the different channels. 

    At this point that is not possible. Would it be possible to submit this feature request?

  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hi Mirjam,

    I think this would make a great feedback post regarding answer-bot! I would recommend cross posting this in our Guide Product Feedback forum to provide visibility to our Product Managers as well as other users in need of a similar functionality.

    Thanks again for taking the time to share this with us :)

  • Monica

    To add to Madhavan's points,  we'd like a way to track when agents and users indicate an article is not helpful.  This adds more information to the perspective of answers.  It can help distinguish between whether the title is not landing well (click-through rate) and whether the user is not understanding the content.

    I see that there are these attributes in the data, but am uncertain of how to structure a custom metric to highlight instances a customer or agent marked it as unhelpful:  Hour User Marked Unhelpful  and  Hour Agent Marked Unhelpful


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