Using CCs, followers, and @mentions

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  • Conza

    Just ultra checking in terms of:

    • Send private notes to a ticket conversation, by removing the requester from the notification.
    • Receive and respond to private notes in a ticket conversation, if they are explicitly included on that note.

    We have 700 or so light agents (80 or so stores). Our Online CS team engages with stores to sort out online orders. We CC stores in, who as light agents, advise internally on the ticket - updates. Sometimes we use side-conversations. 

    We've kept it as simple as possible - they just continue to use email, and don't login etc. to Zendesk. All their responses are to be private, internal comments - given they are light agents.

    The biggest risk is - them replying publicly to a customer, when they think they're replying privately. 

    New Risks?

    1. What are the new risks with this change over? What should I be recommending my team do? 

    2. Any time the online CS team CC the store in (light agent), the customer can see that they've been CC'd? And then email them directly afterwards? The customer won't see their responses, yes? 

    3. What happens when you CC someone onto a ticket, without any updated - message? It triggers emailing them? Or not?


  • Todd Meyer

    I'm unclear - if an Agent is both a CC and a Follower on a ticket, is their email address exposed? We do not want agents added as CC's if they are mentioned in a private note, but it doesn't appear there is any way to prevent this. They should be added as a follower if mentioned in a private note so their email isn't exposed.


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