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  • Adam

    Is there a list that describes what each of the descriptions are. When I see the failed attempts I'd like to know a little more detail in the error description. Mainly if the error is coming from Salesforce or from Zendesk.

  • Dwight Bussman
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Adam,

    I'm not aware of a list of these various descriptions, but that'd be a good thing to build. Generally we're trying to have the description contain enough context to stand on its own, but there are some (such as the "database collision" error in that screenshot) where that doesn't seem we're quite there in terms of the error we're surfacing.

    If you've already reached out in a ticket about this, I'll dig into this further and reply therein. If not, I may have our team create a ticket to investigate and discuss specifics of this case with you directly.

    Thanks for calling this out.

  • Kristen

    Hi Dwight,

    I wanted to support Adam, Naomi, and Mandy's comments above. I would find exporting, email notification when integration is disabled, and a dictionary of failure Description explanations very helpful.

    On this last note, I wanted to add that besides "Fail State with Cause: Database collision", there are a handful of other Description messages that need additional detail. Three additional examples are:

    TransformState(Contact.Transform) Error:: Post EOF

    LoadLinksState(Account.LoadLinks) Error:: Get net/http: request canceled while waiting for connection (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers)

    CreateLinkState(User.CreateLink) Error:: Post net/http: request canceled while waiting for connection (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers)

    While the descriptions allow for some inference on where in the user creation process it failed, having information on how to fix this would be incredibly helpful!

    I'll be putting in a ticket about this too in order to engage on our specific cases. Thank you!

  • Anika Rani
    Zendesk Product Manager

    An update on the EAP of the Salesforce Integration logs
    Thanks to everyone who has been in this EAP and passed on incredibly valuable feedback. We have used your feedback and requests to shape future improvements to logging and are working hard to make these available.

    This EAP will officially be closing later this week, as we release another version of logging. You will see some usability improvements, such as more detailed logging and a slight change to the current filtering (Salesforce Integration logs will no longer be have a filter by feature). 

    This new logging release allows us to expand to supporting other integrations, such as Shopify which will be available soon.

    Our roadmap for logging currently includes:
    - real time notifications
    - export
    - keyword search and additional filtering

    What do you need to do?
    You don't have to take any action for this switch. We will make an update on this page when the changes to logging are released in the coming days, and this article will be updated accordingly. 

  • Melody

    The real-time notifications will change my daily routine for the better! I am looking forward to this functionality!

  • Dan Ross
    Community Moderator

    Will app developers be able to write events to this log based on what their application does? Is there an API of some kind available (or planned to be available) in the future?

  • David Hall
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Dan Ross, for ZIS-based integrations you can use the Succeed and Fail step types to log custom messages into the Integration Log (which is what the Salesforce integration is doing under-the-hood).

  • Melody

    I would prefer the integration log to show the history of 30 days (like it was in the EAP) instead of just 7 days. As the sole person who manages the syncing, it is a problem I can not see a full 30 days, especially when there are no system notifications when something fails. 

  • Jeff Aronow

    If I could get a webhook for the logs, then I would happily monitor them in an external system and no need for additional days for logs to be stored.  I'm sure that type of solution isn't for everyone.

  • Michael Thomas

    Any update when there will be able to export the logs? Right now viewing the logs there a browser integration issue where you need to close the side bar to continue scrolling down.

  • Kevin Kay

    Waiting for the alert notifications.


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