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  • Evgeni Pavlov

    Hi all, 

    Quick question - what is the difference between Editing in Draft and Editing in Published? Here is a scenario. Article is drafted and published, then some changes need to be made to it (and its Translated pages) - is it better to push to Drafts and do the edits (say, replace images and make other changes) or Edit in Published? 

  • Anna Roussanova

    Hey Evgeni, to take a published article back to draft status you would need to unpublish it, which would make it inaccessible for your end-users. Unless there is something actively wrong and damaging in the article, it's usually better to edit the article while leaving it in published status.

  • Jodi Peters

    Hello! Is there a way to delete a draft version of an article?

  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Jodi –
    If you go to Guide admin, you can click on Drafts, select one or more articles, click the Article settings button that appears at the bottom of the screen, and there will be a Delete option in the popup menu that appears. Hope that helps!
  • Jodi Peters

    Hi Dave. Thanks for that info. Taking those actions will unpubish and delete the entire article, though, right? I just want to delete the draft version, but keep the published version as-is and active. 

    Is there a way to just delete the draft?

  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Jodi -
    Ah, if you're talking about article Revisions (see Viewing article revisions and restoring a previous version), then unfortunately, we don't provide a way to delete those.
    If you'd like to let our product team know about your use case, the best place for that would be in our Feedback - Help Center (Guide) topic (and using this template to format your feedback). Thanks!
  • William Grote

    How can I send a link to another agent ( not guide admin, say, full agent or light agent ) to have them look at a draft article if it is not published?

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi William, 
    If you are pertaining to just the default access of agents, they are restricted to access draft articles even if you provide the direct link to it. However, if you have management permissions in Guide set to Admin and Agents, your agents can access it.

    On the actual draft, you will need to select the correct permission in Article Settings > Managed by.

    More information can be found in Creating management permissions to define agent editing and publishing rights.
    Hope this helps!



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