Using the email template with multiple brands

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  • Fernando Mendes


    I hope you can help me here please!

    I have Brand A, B and C.

    1. If I create a new ticket (on +Add new ticket) and even using a macro that sets the correct brand, for instance, A (this is also happening without selecting any macro).

    2. The customer receives the e-mail with the and if the customer replies, this reply is received again on brand A

    3. Any reply with brand A is going with the correct format and help e-mail address.

    4. Also I notice that when I create new tickets (on +Add new ticket) in the ticket field it shows "from Zendesk Support" where any other email shows as "Via" for example.


    I tried to be as clear as possible and I do hope someone could help me here.




  • Ekaterina Sumolaynina
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Fernando,

    I'm sorry it took a while to get back to you. I created a ticket for your particular issue with out Support team - please check your email, so we could continue investigation. Thank you!


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